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You knew this was coming, with a setup like that...:-)

Yup! :)

And don't give me that argument that non-geeks can't do's just as easy as Windows, and installing is very easy nowadays.

But with windows they don't have to install. And yes, there are OEMs that will preinstall some flavour of Linux. So why is the take up so low?

The first part of the problem is:

2X, 64 Studio, Absolute, AbulÉdu, ADIOS, Alinex, AliXe, ALT, Ankur Bangla, AnNyung, Arch, ArcheOS, Archie, Ark, ArtistX, AsianLinux, Asianux, ASLinux, ASPLinux, Astaro, Aurora, AUSTRUMI, B2D, BackTrack, Bayanihan, BeaFanatIX, BeleniX, Berry, Big Linux, BinToo, BioBrew, blackPanther, BLAG, Bluewhite64, BOSS, BU Linux, Burapha, Caixa Mágica, cAos, Càtix, CCux, CDlinux, Censornet, CentOS, ClarkConnect, Clonezilla, Clusterix, clusterKNOPPIX, Co-Create, College, Comfusion, Condorux, Coyote, CRUX, Damn Small, DANIX, DARKSTAR, Debian, Deep-Water, DeLi, DesktopBSD, Devil, Dizinha, DNALinux, Draco, DragonFly, Dreamlinux, dyne:bolic, Dzongkha, eAR OS, easys, eduKnoppix, EduLinux, Ehad, Ekaaty, eLearnix, Elive, elpicx, ELX, Endian, EnGarde, Epidemic, ERPOSS, Euronode, Everest, Evinux, EzPlanet One, Famelix, FaunOS, Fedora, Fermi, Finnix, Fluxbuntu, Foresight, FreeBSD, Freedows, Freeduc, FreeNAS, FreeSBIE, Freespire, Frenzy, Frugalware, FTOSX, GeeXboX, Gelecek, Gentoo, GentooTH, Gentoox, GEOLivre, Gibraltar, gNewSense, GNIX, gnuLinEx, GNUstep, GoblinX, GoboLinux, gOS, GParted, Grafpup, Granular, Greenie, grml, Guadalinex, Haansoft, Hacao, Helix, Hiweed, Honeywall, How-Tux, IDMS, Impi, IndLinux, Inquisitor, INSERT, Insigne, IPCop, JackLab, JoLinux, Julex, K12LTSP, Kaella, Kalango, KANOTIX, Karamad, Karoshi, KateOS, K-DEMar, Kiwi, Knoppel, Knopperdisk, KNOPPIX, KnoppMyth, KnoSciences, Komodo, Kubuntu, Kurumin, Kwort, L.A.S., LFS, LG3D, LinnexOS, Linpus, LinuxConsole, Linux-EduCD, linuX-gamers, Linux+ Live, LinuxTLE, Linux XP, Litrix, LiveCD Router, LiVux, LliureX, Loco, Lunar, m0n0wall, Magic, Mandriva, MAX, Mayix, Media Lab, MEPIS, MidnightBSD, MilaX, Mint, Miracle, MirOS, MoLinux, Momonga, Morphix, Muriqui, Murix, Musix, Mutagenix, Myah OS, myLinux, Myrinix, Mythbuntu, MythDora, Nature's, NeoShine, NepaLinux, NetBSD, NetSecL, Nexenta, Niigata, NimbleX, Nitix, Nonux, Novell SLE, NST, nUbuntu, NuxOne, Olive, OliveBSD, OLPC, Omoikane, O-Net, OpenBSD, Openfiler, OpenGEU, OpenLab, OpenLX, openmamba, OpenNA, OpenSolaris, openSUSE, Openwall, Ophcrack, Oracle, PAIPIX, paldo, PapugLinux, Pardus, Parsix, Parted Magic, PC-BSD, PCLinuxOS, PelicanHPC, Penguin Sleuth, Pentoo, pfSense, Pie Box, Pilot, Pingo, Pingwinek, Pioneer, Plamo, PLD, Poseidon, pQui, Protech, PUD, Puppy, QiLinux, Rails Live, RAYS, Red Flag, Red Hat, redWall, Resulinux, RIPLinuX, ROCK, Rocks Cluster, RoFreeSBIE, ROSLIMS, rPath, RUNT, Sabayon, SAM, SaxenOS, SchilliX, Scientific, Securepoint, Shift, sidux, Skolelinux, Slackintosh, Slackware, Slamd64, SLAMPP, Slax, SliTaz, SME Server, SmoothWall, SoL, Solaris, Sorcerer, Source Mage, StartCom, STD, StressLinux, STUX, SuliX, SuperGamer, Swecha, Symphony OS, SystemRescue, T2, TA-Linux, TEENpup, TFM, Thinstation, Thisk, Tilix, TinyMe, tinysofa, Topologilinux, Trinity, Trisquel, trixbox, TrueBSD, Truva, TumiX, TupiServer, Tuquito, Turbolinux, Ubuntu, UbuntuME, Ubuntu Studio, Ufficio Zero, UHU-Linux, Ulteo, Ultima, Ultimate, Untangle, Userful, Ututo, Vector, Vine,, VMKnoppix, VNLinux, Voltalinux, Vyatta, Wazobia, Webconverger, White Box, WIENUX, Wolvix, Xandros, X-Evian, Xfld, X/OS, Xteam, Xubuntu, Yellow Dog, Yoper, Zenwalk, ZoneCD...

And that's without really trying.

If the geeks can't decide on what Linux is or should be, how do you expect nanny to?

Another part is all those incompatible application installation tools: APT, DEB, RPM, Portage, pkgtools, URPMI, SMART, YUM, YaST...

Then there are the forks, instabilities and developer infighting...

Examine what is said, not who speaks -- Silence betokens consent -- Love the truth but pardon error.
"Science is about questioning the status quo. Questioning authority".
In the absence of evidence, opinion is indistinguishable from prejudice.

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