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I started using pack because in most documentation said it's the simplest geometry manager. Honestly at the beginning I felt like a daunting task, but with practice I managed to produce the results I wanted.
Besides taking care of which side you "stack" your widgets, I found that the most important thing with pack is the order in which you place your widgets. For example, I wanted to put several checkbuttons one after the other horizontally. Then I wanted a button just below these checkbuttons. However, after minutes of trial and error I found that the code for the button should go first than the checkbuttons. Here is a snapshot of the code:

#!/usr/perl/bin/perl use Tk; use warnings; use strict; my ($search, $mw, $entry, $text, $io, $checks); my $id = 0; $mw = MainWindow -> new; $mw -> title("AIM"); $mw -> bind('<Key-Escape>' => sub { exit } ); #**************** text ************************* my $scrollbar = $mw->Scrollbar( ); $scrollbar->pack(-side => 'right', -fill => 'y'); $text = $mw -> Text(-font=>"{Verdana} 10 {bold}", -width => 50, -heigh +t => 25, , -yscrollcommand => ['set' => $scrollbar]) -> pack(-side=>'right'); $scrollbar->configure(-command => ['yview' => $text]); #**************** entry ************************* $entry = $mw -> Entry(-font=>"{Verdana} 10 {bold}", -textvariable => \ +$search) -> pack(-side=>'top'); $entry -> bind('<Key-Return>' => \&search ); $entry -> focus; #**************** button ************************* my $btn_clip = $mw -> Button(-text=>"Copy to Clipboard", -command=>sub {$text->clipboardAppend($text->get( +"1.0", 'end'));}) ->pack(-side=>'bottom', -expand=>'1', -anchor=>'n +w'); #*********** checkbutton ************************* foreach (qw/address telephone keyword all/) { $checks = $mw -> Checkbutton( -text => $_) -> pack(-side=>'lef +t', -anchor=>'n'); } MainLoop;
Hope this helps...!!!!

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