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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my$c=q|M33,S+%,K)2Q+*3)1*RHS*3$J4DA3*C,D2BA$420J0RA$,S,A)#`S*$HP4E$D M+$0L02DC,%(L)$A4-$4D1`I-*R0T22PR1$,L)2Q+*21!,"TD-$0Q8$DM*E(T M5#(R4%(Q)"Q8*3)!+"HR,2$L(E!%*B0P53@D1$TJ12A0"DTR(RA2-"4H42DR M42DJ,BQ1*R)(4BPS)$PH13$D*S(T1#,S0$0Q)%1*,3)1+")$5%,H4D$R+"(T M2#4R1$(*330S0$HL4D1!*E0I*#1"4%,I)$Q(,3,D12I%*%`T(S$C,"0P42DE M,2HL,RDA+"(I)#4E*$@T1"12*R,H4`I-,R,L0C0R*"HS,V!3*21(3#1$,2$J M12Q)*B,Q(C4E+$DI)$$L+#(P1#$R23(J)3!1*%)1(RPB,%`T(E$T"DTT,DA, M+%)$02I"*$DI(S1%*B1`5#$R,3(J4C!(-&!)+2Q2+$@T0S!2*B)(4RQ6(3,J M,C$H,R,Q)2DD)$H*33$C,2DJ0BQ1+$,P12HD1$DI,R1,*R,L2#$C)%(R,C1* M*3,A-"HE+%$H4EA"+"5@5"A%)$,B1%1,+$1!+`I-*C(I,2@R3$(J)$1(,%)! M)2XB,3`U,R$B+#(L2C1"02PM(R$H-2)00BLE)$@P4C$R*T(I*#(S,30H,C!, G"CHP0R$H+2(I)2A"1%8X)$`J*B,D0BDV8$XI0B1(+B8A*#A@2&`*|; my$p=q^$a=10;$c=unpack'u',q|x|;if($a==1){print$c;}else{$a--;$p= ~s|\$a=(\d+)|\$a=$a|;$p=~s!'u',q\|(.*?)\|!'u',q\|$c\|!s;eval$p;}^; $p=~s!'u',q\|(.*?)\|!'u',q\|$c\|!;eval$p;

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    [stevieb]: hey, thezip
    [perldigious]: I don't miss having to drive up and down in elevation on roads that are iced over, I white knuckled gripping the steering wheel every time I had to where I used to live.
    [perldigious]: So I don't envy you mountain guys if you have to drive in the winter, even with tire chains.
    MidLifeXis waves.
    [stevieb]: man, I absolutely LOVE driving in the worst winter conditions. In the mountainous roads, there are extremely few (if any) other drivers. I love the challenge. I've been doing extreme off-road my whole life, and as I said, I'm always well...
    [stevieb]: ...prepared for even the very worst
    Discipulus seems a part of the globe very unfrindly with Kawasaki riders..
    [thezip]: My doggies love it when it snows
    [perldigious]: As long as you are a good "boy scout" stevieb, more power to you... but I like my Jeep, and don't like the idea of rolling it or crashing it in to anything. :-)
    [thezip]: Me, not as much.

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