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  1. On Vista 64-bit / perl 5.10.1 / threads v1.76 / threads::shared v1.33 I see no signs of a memory leak.

    What versions of those modules do you have?

  2. Having run for 100,000+ thread creation/deleteion cycles, the memory usage wobbles a bit but stays pretty much fixed around 35 or 35 MB mark. The occasional spikes just mean that at the instance that value was taken more threads had been created than destroyed in the last second or two. A situation that corrects itself immediately.

    An app that creates 100,000 threads in 15 minutes, each to handle 1 number, is really badly designed. Like building a new train for every journey to work. Inefficient and unsustainable.

  3. All your shenanigans with a semaphore and detach and is_detached() are utterly redundant.

    Once you detach the thread, it ends. There is no possibility of attempting to "do it twice". And if you did attempt to detach the same thread twice, it does do no harm at all.

    This code functions identically with more clarity:

    #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use threads; use threads::shared; use Data::Dumper; $|=1; my $MAX_THREADS = 20; my $TERM :shared = 0; $SIG{'INT'} = $SIG{'TERM'} = sub { print("^C captured\n"); $TERM=1; }; sub stuff_thr($) { my ($job)=@_; my $tid=threads->tid(); print "Hi, I am thread: $tid, I need to do something with $job\n"; } sub main() { my @jobs = ( 1 .. 100 ); while (@jobs && ! $TERM) { for( 1 .. $MAX_THREADS - threads->list() ) { my $job = shift(@jobs); last if (! $job); threads->create('stuff_thr',$job)->detach; } @jobs = ( 1 .. 100 ) if @jobs < 10 } sleep 1 while threads->list() > 0; } main();

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    [davido]: when i do get to that point I think I'll do it in a vm snapshot just in case. :)
    [oiskuu]: tye, you were right: loginuid/sessionid are part of task struct if compiled with AUDITSYSCALL. I have some doubts if you should actually depend on that feature.
    [Corion]: oiskuu: Depends on what you want to do with that information
    [tye]: I'm not depending on that feature. But I could in this environment. I'm using getlogin(). shrug
    [Corion]: For benign logging (which user started this DB instance), it's OK
    [tye]: We use auditd for security monitoring. So we can rely on auditing being enabled. I'm not sure who would want to not be able to audit. Maybe some VM inside another system with audit?
    [SuicideJunkie]: spies would want a system to not be able to audit.

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