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Yes, this is a tab delimited version of a tree. However, the tree is, at some points, circular. So object A might activate object A.

I am sorry if I did not include enough of the code, I was trying to make it simpler. Yes the line my $object=test_element; should read my $object='test_element';

The errors are as follows:

"my" variable @b masks earlier declaration in same scope at interact_p line 56. "my" variable @b masks earlier declaration in same scope at interact_p line 60. Global symbol "@activated" requires explicit package name at interact_ line 45. syntax error at line 51, near "`awk '\$1 ~ /$_[0]/ +' |cut -f 2,3|sort|uniq`:" Global symbol "@a" requires explicit package name at interact_perturb. +pl line 52. Missing right curly or square bracket at line 64, +at end of line Execution of aborted due to compilation errors.

Perhaps it would be better to include the actual version of the code I am using. I apologize if it is difficult to read. Thanks for your help

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; # prints out inhibited object, directly activated ohjects, directly de +activated objects, indirectly activated objects, indirectly deacivate +d objects print "Modified Object\tActivated Objects\tDeactivated Objects\n"; open(DAT,'<',"./")||die "Canot open file\n"; my @file=<DAT>; close DAT; shift @file;##remove header my %true; foreach my $line(@file){ my @line=split(/\t/,$line); if($true{$line[0]}){ next;#if element has already come up, skip it } else{ $true{$line[0]}=1;#if object has already come up, store true } my @activated; my @inhibited; print "$line[0]\t";#inhibited object &inhibited_rec($line[0]); foreach(@activated){ print "$_,"; } print "\t"; foreach(@inhibited){ print "$_,"; } print "\n"; } sub inhibited_rec{ my @a=`awk '\$1 ~ /$_[0]/' |cut -f 2,3|sort|uniq`; foreach (@a){ my @b=split(/\t/,$_); if($b[1] eq 'Activation'){ } else{ push (@activated,$b[0]); &activated_rec($b[0]); } } } sub activated_rec{ my @a=`awk '\$1 ~ /$_[0]/' |cut -f 2,3|sort|uniq`: foreach (@a){ my @b=split(/\t/,$_); if($b[1] eq 'Activation'){ push (@activated,$b[0]); &activated_rec($b[0]); } else{ push (@inhibited,$b[0]); &inhibited_rec($b[0]); } }

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