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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Dear Monks,
please help me on the following issue:
given is the following xml-file (in fact this is an excerpt from the huge file but it shows the problem, imho):
<excerpt> <unit> <unitnumber>1</unitnumber> <Name>Entity A</Name> <Boss>Name</Boss> <contactinfo> <Address> <Street>SomeStreet</Street> <Building>1</Building> <zip>00000</zip> <Ort>Town</Ort> </Address> <Telefon> <code>0123</code> <telnumber>456</telnumber> <directcall>78910</directcall> </Telefon> <Fax> <code>0123</code> <telnumber>456</telnumber> <directcall>10987</directcall> </Fax> <email></email> <URL></URL> </contactinfo> <products> <article> <art_code>A3236</art_code> <quantity>554</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>B9735</art_code> <quantity>386</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>C1299</art_code> <quantity>322</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>D1918</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> <article> <art_code>E0702</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> <article> <art_code>F1290</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> </products> </unit> <unit> <unitnumber>2</unitnumber> <Name>Entity B</Name> <Boss>Name</Boss> <contactinfo> <Address> <Street>SomeOtherStreet</Street> <Building>2</Building> <zip>11111</zip> <Ort>City</Ort> </Address> <Telefon> <code>0999</code> <telnumber>456</telnumber> <directcall>78910</directcall> </Telefon> <Fax> <code>0999</code> <telnumber>456</telnumber> <directcall>10987</directcall> </Fax> <email></email> <URL></URL> </contactinfo> <products> <article> <art_code>A1136</art_code> <quantity>1982</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>B0765</art_code> <quantity>988</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>C8099</art_code> <quantity>522</quantity> </article> <article> <art_code>D3938</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> <article> <art_code>E5722</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> <article> <art_code>F3596</art_code> <quantity_small/> </article> </products> </unit> </excerpt>
I need (among other things) to get the list of paired values "art_code" and "quantity" per unit - e.g. in the following form:
Entity A;A3236;554 Entity A;B9735;386 Entity A;C1299;322 ... Entity B;A1136;1982 etc.
Since I am a novice in Perl I could only make the following crook so far, the output could be after all proceeded with a regex (flush).
use strict; use warnings; use XML::LibXML; my $filename = "Test.xml"; my $my_object = XML::LibXML->new(); my $treeobjekt = $my_object->parse_file($filename); my $root = $treeobjekt->getDocumentElement; my @units=$treeobjekt->findnodes("//excerpt/unit"); for(my $i=0;$i<@units;$i++) { my $unitname=$units[$i]->findvalue('./Name/text()'); my $art = $units[$i]->findvalue('./products/article'); my $art_chain = join('---', split(/\n/, $art)); print "$unitname;$art_chain\n"; }
I have an additional problem here too. As you see some positions have exact numbers at <quantity> and some others have a tag <quantity_small/>.
I would like to get only the positions where there are exact numbers. I tried to modify the above script in the following way:
my $art_chain; if($units[$i]->findvalue('./products/article/quantity')>0) { $art_chain = join('---', split(/\n/, $art)); }
but it seems to have no effect on the output.
How could I get the paired values in a better way and filter the inexact quantity informations out?
Thank you in advance for your help!

In reply to How to get paired values from the nested XML structure? by vagabonding electron

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