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Status report: still considering whether to build the GUI using a separate module that communicates with the original (and untouched) script la BrowserUk. In the meantime, I decided to get my hands dirty with Tk a bit. I took a simple script and wrote a quick & dirty gui for it with the "cram everything into subs" approach. I had to use separate subs for each step because otherwise all the GUI elements show up at once. Can't say I'm happy about this trait of Perl/Tk.
It works fine and, importantly, it converted to .exe with pp correctly, except I had to replace -command => sub {exit} with -command => sub {$mw->destroy} on the exit button because with sub{exit}, the resulting .exe crashed instead of exiting on pushing the button. Anyone know why that would be?

Here's the code:
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use File::Copy; my $gui; my $mw; sub doit; sub remdupes; sub remuntr; print "\nSwitch on the GUI?\ny/n "; chomp ($gui = <STDIN>); $gui or $gui = "y"; if ($gui eq "n") {$gui = ""}; if ($gui) {require Tk;import Tk;$mw = MainWindow->new; # $mw->title("Filterdupes"); $mw->geometry('300x100'); } my ($sourcefile_full, $folder, $sourcefile, $sourcefile_noext, $dupes, + $untranslated, $unfiltered, $filtered); # GUI if ($gui) { my $intro = $mw -> Label(-text=>"This app strips duplicate entries + from tab delimited txt files.\nPress \"Browse\" to pick your input f +ile.") -> pack(); my $butt_browse; $butt_browse = $mw -> Button(-text => "Browse", -command => sub {$ +butt_browse->destroy;$intro->destroy;doit})-> pack(); MainLoop(); } else { doit; } sub doit { if ($gui) { $sourcefile_full = $mw->getOpenFile( -title => "Please choo +se the input file" # -multiple => 1 ); } else { print "\nDrag and drop the tab delimited source file here and +press enter.\nThe file must be in UTF-8 encoding.\n"; chomp ($sourcefile_full = <STDIN>); } do { # windows doesn't add quotes if there is no space in the path, + linux adds single quotes # strip any leading and trailing spaces and quotes; $1=everyth +ing up to last / or \, $2= everything from there up to the end except + spaces and "'. $sourcefile_full =~ /^ *[\"\']?(.*)[\/\\]([^\"\']*)[\"\']? *$/ +; $folder = $1; $sourcefile = $2; $sourcefile =~ /(.*)\.(.*)/; $sourcefile_noext = $1; # strip quotes $sourcefile_full =~ s/^ *[\"\']?([^\"\']*)[\"\']? *$/$1/; print "\nFile not found (maybe its path or its filename contai +ns accented letters). Try again!\n\n" unless (-e "$sourcefile_full"); }until (-e "$sourcefile_full"); copy ("$sourcefile_full", "$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_filtered.tx +t") or die "cannot create backup: $!"; # sleep 5; # DUPES Q if ($gui) { # my $frm_remdupes = $mw -> Frame(-borderwidth => 4, -relief = +> 'groove') -> pack(-anchor=>'w'); my $frm_remdupes = $mw -> Frame() -> pack(); my $butt_removedupes = $frm_remdupes -> Button(-text => "Remov +e dupes", -command => sub {$dupes = "y";$frm_remdupes -> destroy; rem +dupes})-> pack(); my $butt_dontremovedupes = $frm_remdupes -> Button(-text => "D +o not remove dupes", -command => sub {$dupes = "n";$frm_remdupes -> +destroy; remdupes})-> pack(); } else { do { print "\nRemove duplicates? (case sensitive)\n[y/n] "; chomp ($dupes = lc(<STDIN>)); $dupes or $dupes = "y"; print "\nAnswer with y or n.\n\n" unless $dupes eq "y" or +$dupes eq "n"; }until ($dupes eq "y" or $dupes eq "n"); remdupes; } } # REMOVE DUPES sub remdupes { if ($dupes eq "y") { open (IN, "<:encoding(UTF-8)", "$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_filter +ed.txt") or die "Can't open file: $!"; open (OUT, ">>:encoding(UTF-8)", "$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_filt +ered_mod.txt") or die "Can't open file: $!"; my %seen; # hash that contains uique records (hash look +ups are faster than array lookups) my $key; # key to be put in hash while (<IN>) { /^([^\t]*\t[^\t]*)/; # only watch first two fields chomp ($key = $1); # only watch first two fields #$key = $_; # watch the full line print OUT $_ if (! $seen{ $key }++); # add to hash, and if + new, print to file } $unfiltered = $.; $filtered = keys %seen; if ($gui) { my $lab_dupes = $mw -> Label(-text=>"Filtered out dupes: $ +unfiltered -> $filtered") -> pack(-anchor=> 'w'); } else { print "\nFiltered out dupes: $unfiltered -> $filtered\n"; } undef %seen; # free up memory # reporting close IN; close OUT; rename ("$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_filtered_mod.txt", "$folder/$ +{sourcefile_noext}_filtered.txt") or die "Can't rename file: $!"; } # UNTRANSLATED Q #c if ($gui) { # my $frm_remuntr = $mw -> Frame(-borderwidth => 4, -relief => + 'groove') -> pack(-anchor=>'w'); my $frm_remuntr = $mw -> Frame() -> pack(); my $butt_removeuntr = $frm_remuntr -> Button(-text => "Remove +untranslated entries", -command => sub {$untranslated = "y";$frm_remu +ntr -> destroy; remuntr})-> pack(); my $butt_dontremoveuntr = $frm_remuntr -> Button(-text => "Do +not remove untranslated", -command => sub {$untranslated = "n";$frm_ +remuntr -> destroy; remuntr})-> pack(); } else { do { print "\nRemove untranslated entries (where the first +two fields are identical)?\n[y/n] "; chomp ($untranslated = lc(<STDIN>)); $untranslated or $untranslated = "y"; print "\nAnswer with y or n.\n\n" unless $untranslated + eq "y" or $untranslated eq "n"; }until ($untranslated eq "y" or $untranslated eq "n"); } } # REMOVE UNTRANSLATED sub remuntr { if ($untranslated eq "y") { open (IN, "<:encoding(UTF-8)", "$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_fi +ltered.txt") or die "Can't open file: $!"; open (OUT, ">>:encoding(UTF-8)", "$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_ +filtered_mod.txt") or die "Can't open file: $!"; my $filtered = "0"; while (<IN>) { /^([^\t]*)\t([^\t]*)/; next if $1 eq $2; print OUT $_; $filtered++; } my $unfiltered = $.; if ($gui) { my $lab_untr = $mw -> Label(-text=>"Filtered out untransla +ted: $unfiltered -> $filtered") -> pack(-anchor=> 'w'); } else { print "\nFiltered out untranslated: $unfiltered -> $filter +ed\n"; } # reporting close IN; close OUT; rename ("$folder/${sourcefile_noext}_filtered_mod.txt", "$fold +er/${sourcefile_noext}_filtered.txt") or die "Can't rename file: $!"; } # END if ($gui) { my $butt_exit = $mw -> Button(-text => "Exit", -command => sub + {$mw->destroy})-> pack(); } else { print "\nPress enter to quit"; <STDIN>; } }

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    [Corion]: tye: I also more randomly stumbled over it, as "who am i" unix implementation didn't really provide much help. But Wikipedia linked me to the List of Unix Programs (or something like it), and from there ...
    [talexb]: Wasn't Brexit the name of the first Santana album?
    [tye]: That's funny, saying getlogin() is less secure. For some uses, it is far superior to getpwuid(), precisely for reasons of security.
    [LanX]: search strategy => Perl Functions by Category
    [Corion]: ... I found discussion of the who utility and that it uses the POSIX 2008 getlogin function (but that function was available much earlier and thus even exists in Perl, as a search for getlogin on CPAN brought up Perl 5.26 as first hit
    [tye]: oh, LanX, but I was thinking that it was not a function that Perl provided.
    [Corion]: Yeah, I also went a more roundabout way, just to find that the solution had been with Perl all along! ;)
    [tye]: perhaps the "less secure" comment was motivated by old versions of getlogin() and trolled through the 'last' log trying to match your TTY. On modern Unix, I believe getlogin() just returns a fundamental bit of identity from your process.
    [tye]: (Because every thing you do has that tag available for auditd.)
    [tye]: Though it is certainly true that you should not use getlogin() for auth().

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