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hi guys hi master of "Fu" any update

I am doing some research on the server and client for the chat. I have long taken the trouble to consult the documentation that is different and both PerlMonks different pages that deal with this vast subject. I try to find a minimal example because I want to turn into non securise securise. here is the status of my research

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use IO::Socket::SSL 'inet4'; use threads; use threads::shared; $|++; print "$$ Server started\n";; # do a "top -p -H $$" to monitor server ++ threads our @clients : shared; @clients = (); my $server = new IO::Socket::SSL( Timeout => 7200, Proto => "tcp", LocalPort => 42000, Reuse => 1, Listen => 3, SSL_use_cert => 1, SSL_verify_mode => 0x00, SSL_key_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/private/localhost.key' +, SSL_cert_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/certs/localhost.cert', SSL_passwd_cb => sub { return "" }, ); my $num_of_client = -1; while (1) { my $client; do { $client = $server->accept; } until ( defined($client) ); my $peerhost = $client->peerhost(); print "accepted a client $client, $peerhost, id = ", ++$num_of_cli +ent, "\n"; my $fileno = fileno $client; push (@clients, $fileno); #spawn a thread here for each client my $thr = threads->new( \&processit, $client, $fileno, $peerhost ) +->detach(); } # end of main thread sub processit { my ($lclient,$lfileno,$lpeer) = @_; #local client if($lclient->connected){ # Here you can do your stuff # I use have the server talk to the client # via print $client and while(<$lclient>) print $lclient "$lpeer->Welcome to server\n"; while(<$lclient>){ # print $lclient "$lpeer->$_\n"; print "clients-> @clients\n"; foreach my $fn (@clients) { open my $fh, ">&=$fn" or warn $! and die; print $fh "$lpeer->$_" } } } #close filehandle before detached thread dies out close( $lclient); #remove multi-echo-clients from echo list @clients = grep {$_ !~ $lfileno} @clients; } __END__
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Tk; use IO::Socket::SSL 'inet4'; require Tk::ROText; #get id my $name = shift || 'anon'; # create the socket my $host = 'localhost'; my $port = 42000; my $socket = IO::Socket::SSL->new( PeerAddr => $host, PeerPort => $port, Proto => 'tcp', SSL_use_cert => 1, SSL_verify_mode => 0x00, SSL_key_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/private/localhost.k +ey', SSL_cert_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/certs/localhost.cer +t', SSL_passwd_cb => sub { return "" }, ); defined $socket or die "ERROR: Can't connect to port $port on $host: $ +!\n"; print STDERR "Connected to server ...\n"; my $mw = new MainWindow; my $log = $mw->Scrolled('ROText', -scrollbars=>'ose', -height=> 5, -width=>45, -background => 'lightyellow', )->pack; my $txt = $mw->Entry( -background=>'white', )->pack(-fill=> 'x', -pady=> 5); $mw ->bind('<Any-Enter>' => sub { $txt->Tk::focus }); $txt->bind('<Return>' => [\&broadcast, $socket]); $mw ->fileevent($socket, readable => sub { my $line = <$socket>; unless (defined $line) { $mw->fileevent($socket => readable => ''); return; } $log->insert(end => $line); $log->see('end'); }); MainLoop; sub broadcast { my ($ent, $sock) = @_; my $text = $ent->get; $ent->delete(qw/0 end/); print $sock $name.'->'. $text, "\n"; } __END__ #!/usr/local/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use IO::Socket::SSL 'inet4'; my $server = IO::Socket::SSL->new( LocalPort=> 42000, ## Type=>SOCK_STREAM, Reuse=>1, Listen=>5, Proto => 'tcp', SSL_use_cert => 1, SSL_verify_mode => 0x00, SSL_key_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/private/localhost.key', SSL_cert_file => '/home/swilting/perltest/certs/localhost.cert', SSL_passwd_cb => sub { return "" }, )or die ("Could not create server"); while(my $client=$server->accept()){ my $child_pid; unless(defined ($child_pid=fork())){die"can not fork\n";} if(defined($child_pid)){ while(my $line = <$client>){ print "CLIENT says:$line\n"; } }else{ while(my $line = <>){ print $client "$line\n"; } } } redo; close($server); <>;

the server running the threads fails with a segmentation fault and my client fails after two requests I do not know why and characters displayed on the client encodes are poorly I do not know either why

In reply to research for secure tchat client server use IO::Socket::SSL by swilting

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