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Hi Monks, I'm working on the following situation:
package main; use CGI qw(header); our $header_ref = { -type => 'text/html' }; # loads plugins print header( $header_ref );
Above script passes a hash reference CGI::header to generate HTTP headers. CGI::header doesn't care whether keys are lowercased or camelized, nor whether to put a dash before a key. And also underscores are translated into dashes. And so the following parameters are semantically equivalent:
$header_ref = { 'content-length' => 1234, 'content_length' => 1234, '-content-length' => 1234, '-content_length' => 1234, 'Content-Length' => 1234, 'Content_Length' => 1234, '-Content-Length' => 1234, '-Content_Length' => 1234, };
Plugin developers can modify $main::header_ref. When they modify HTTP headers, they must write as follows:
# plugins/foo package foo; $main::header_ref->{'-status'} = '304 Not Modified';
Another plugin may be as follows:
# plugins/bar package bar; $main::header_ref->{'Status'} = '404 Not Found';
To solve above problem, I wrote the following module;
# plugins/foo package foo; use Header qw(set_header); set_header( $main::header, 'Status' => '304 Not Modified'); # package Header; use Exporter 'import'; use List::Util qw(first); our @EXPORT_OK = qw(get_header set_header exists_header delete_header) +; sub get_header { my $header_ref = shift; my $key = _lc( shift ); if ( wantarray ) { my @keys = grep { _lc( $_ ) eq $key } keys %{ $header_ref }; return @{ $header_ref }{ @keys }; } else { my $first_key = first { _lc( $_ ) eq $key } keys %{ $header_re +f }; return $header_ref->{ $first_key }; } } sub set_header { my $header_ref = shift; my $key = shift; my $value = shift; my @keys = grep { _lc( $_ ) eq _lc( $key ) } keys %{ $header +_ref }; if ( @keys ) { $key = shift @keys; delete @{ $header_ref }{ @keys }; } $header_ref->{ $key } = $value; return; } sub exists_header { my $header_ref = shift; my $key = _lc( shift ); my @keys = grep { _lc( $_ ) eq $key } keys %{ $header_ref }; return scalar @keys; } sub delete_header { my $header_ref = shift; my $key = _lc( shift ); # deletes elements whose key matches $key my @keys = grep { _lc( $_ ) eq $key } keys %{ $header_ref }; delete @{ $header_ref }{ @keys }; return; } # returns a lowercased version of a given string sub _lc { my $key = lc shift; # get rid of an initial dash if exists $key =~ s{^\-}{}; # use dashes instead of underscores $key =~ tr{_}{-}; return $key; }
I don't think that the above way is the best to solve the problem. Although I intended to use Tie::Hash to implement above features, I don't understand how to use this module. I'm waiting for your suggestions or comments.

Update: NOTE: I assumed that I might not modify the main script. (Thanks to tobyinc)

In reply to On creating hash whose keys aren't case-sensitive by anazawa

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