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I’m afraid that I would come fairly unglued if I saw such an “economical” attempt to write an if statement in the fewest number of characters. The difference makes absolutely no difference at all to the Perl compiler, but it has the very human difference of being utterly un-maintainable.

Lets discuss your claims.
use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; use B::Concise; sub mysub { my $val; $val = rand(2) > 1 ? "high" : "low"; return $val; } sub mysub2 { my $val; if(rand(2) > 1){ $val = "high"; } else{ $val = "low"; } return $val; } my $walker = B::Concise::compile('-src','-exec',*mysub{CODE}); print "now mysub\n"; $walker->(); $walker = B::Concise::compile('-src','-exec',*mysub2{CODE}); print "\n\n\n\nnow mysub2\n"; $walker->(); exit;
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop>perl now mysub B::Concise::compile(CODE(0x82a6dc)) # 9: my $val; 1 <;> nextstate(main -8 v:*,&,$ 2 <0> padsv[$val:-8,-7] vM/LVINTRO # 10: $val = rand(2) > 1 ? "high" : "low"; 3 <;> nextstate(main -7 v:*,&,$ 4 <$> const[IV 2] s 5 <1> rand[t2] sK/1 6 <$> const[IV 1] s 7 <2> gt sK/2 8 <|> cond_expr(other->9) sK/1 9 <$> const[PV "high"] s goto a h <$> const[PV "low"] s a <0> padsv[$val:-8,-7] sRM* b <2> sassign vKS/2 # 11: return $val; c <;> nextstate(main -7 v:*,&,{,$ d <0> pushmark s e <0> padsv[$val:-8,-7] f <@> return K g <1> leavesub[1 ref] K/REFC,1 now mysub2 B::Concise::compile(CODE(0x9a1c44)) # 14: my $val; i <;> nextstate(main -6 v:*,&,$ j <0> padsv[$val:-6,-2] vM/LVINTRO # 15: if(rand(2) > 1){ k <;> nextstate(main -2 v:*,&,$ l <$> const[IV 2] s m <1> rand[t2] sK/1 n <$> const[IV 1] s o <2> gt sK/2 p <|> cond_expr(other->q) vK/1 q <$> const[PV "high"] s r <0> padsv[$val:-6,-2] sRM* s <2> sassign vKS/2 goto t y <0> enter v # 19: $val = "low"; z <;> nextstate(main -4 v:*,&,$ 10 <$> const[PV "low"] s 11 <0> padsv[$val:-6,-2] sRM* 12 <2> sassign vKS/2 13 <@> leave vKP # 21: return $val; t <;> nextstate(main -2 v:*,&,{,$ u <0> pushmark s v <0> padsv[$val:-6,-2] w <@> return K x <1> leavesub[1 ref] K/REFC,1 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop>
Using conditional operator, the sub 17 ops long. Using if else blocks, the sub was 22 ops long. Have a nice day.

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