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Maybe this is what you are looking for.

!/usr/bin/perl use DBI; use strict; use warnings; my $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:mysql:database','user','password') or die +"Couldn't connect"; my @sql =(); $sql[0] = qq[SELECT AccNum as Account, max(date) as Date, Type, count( +*) as Total_No, sum(Amount) as Amount FROM transaction GROUP BY AccNum, Type union SELECT AccNum, max(date),'Balance', count(*), sum(if(type='Debit',-1*A +mount,Amount)) FROM transaction GROUP BY AccNum;]; $sql[1] = qq[SELECT AccNum as Account, max(date) as Date, Type, 'CHEQU +ENO' as Subtype, count(*) as Total_No, sum(Amount) as Amount FROM transaction where chequeno is not null GROUP BY AccNum, Type union SELECT AccNum as Account, max(date) as Date, Type, 'DDNO' as Subtype, +count(*) as Total_No, sum(Amount) as Amount FROM transaction where DDNO is not null GROUP BY AccNum, Type;]; $sql[2] = qq[desc transaction;]; open (FH, ">".$ENV{"TMP"}."\\mytmp.html") || die "Cannot open temporar +y file: $!\n"; print FH '<HTML><Body>'; foreach (@sql) { my $tran_cur = $dbh->prepare($_); $tran_cur->execute; print FH '<table border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr>'; map {print FH "<td>$_</td>"}@{$tran_cur->{NAME}}; print FH "</tr><br/>"; while( my @data = $tran_cur->fetchrow_array) { print FH "<tr>"; map {print FH "<td>$_</td>"}@data; print FH "</tr>"; } print FH "</table>"; } print FH "</Body></HTML>\n"; my $url = "file://".$ENV{"TMP"}."\\mytmp.html"; my $commandline = qq{start "$url" "$url"}; system($commandline) == 0 or die qq{Couldn't launch '$commandline': $!/$?}; close FH; $dbh->disconnect; sleep(5); unlink $ENV{"TMP"}."\\mytmp.html" or warn "Could not unlink ".$ENV{"TM +P"}."\\mytmp.html: $!";




TranIDint(10) unsignedNOPRI
AccNumint(10) unsignedNO
ChequeNoint(10) unsignedYES
DDNoint(10) unsignedYES

In reply to Mysql reply by Generoso
in thread SQL Database Table to Perl Script by prithviraj

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    [ambrus]: Corion: my guess is to first read the start of the file to check what format it is out of two or more possibilities, then rewind it and handle it differently depending on the program
    [ambrus]: s/program/format/
    [Dumu]: ambrus: it's about testing a file for being multiple possible file formats
    [ambrus]: In particular, you might want to detect the encoding of a HTML file from between utf-16 versus ascii-based and encoding given in a META tag.
    [ambrus]: Dumu: it should probably be safe to change the encoding if you rewind first with seek $file, 0, 0 first
    [Dumu]: ambrus: good guess. I'm trying to contribute to a CPAN module, and the existing tests assume they're looking at text files
    [Dumu]: ambrus: thank you. I was seeking afterwards. I'll seek first.
    [jedikaiti]: Hello, Dumu!

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