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Dear Perl Monks

Please help me to solve a SOAP::Lite + Moose object problem.

I am trying to create a SOAP server which serves a Moose object as a Web service. Both my server & client is in perl. When I get the perl object from client side, Only first call to any instance method works after that object (which I got from SOAP server) scrambles. So subsequent instance method calls fails.

Please have a look at my example code to reproduce the problem.

#!perl package DemoService; use strict; use warnings; use Moose; use namespace::autoclean; has 'size',is=>'rw',default=>20; #Do it for all classes so Moose will create fast object creation, so a +pplication runs faster __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable(); 1; package main; use strict; use warnings; use SOAP::Transport::HTTP; use Compress::Zlib; use FindBin qw($RealBin); use lib "$RealBin"; $|=1; my $httpSoapDaemon = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon->new(LocalAddr => ' +localhost',Reuse => 1,LocalPort => 8081); #Will be encrypted if message > 100 $httpSoapDaemon->options({compress_threshold => 500}); #Dispatch calls to particular class #$httpSoapDaemon-> objects_by_reference(qw(DemoService)); $httpSoapDaemon->dispatch_to(qw(DemoService)); print "\n Server started. URL: ", $httpSoapDaemon->url(); #Daemon started here $httpSoapDaemon->handle();

#!perl use strict; use warnings; use SOAP::Lite; use Data::Dumper; my $result; my $soapService = SOAP::Lite->new(); #Specify which class should be called for the service, i.e namespace $soapService->uri('DemoService'); #specify service provider location, Initial timeout should be very min +imal $soapService->transport()->proxy('',timeout=>600 +,keep_alive =>1); #No need to have HTTP proxy #transport returns underlaying LWP::UserAgent object $soapService->transport()->no_proxy('','localhost'); #Get Object, To call constructor use explicit call function, DO not us +e autodispatch. my $obj = $soapService->call('new'=>())->result(); #Modify the Obj to Hash ref $obj = SOAP::Data->value($obj); print "\n OBJ-State:",Dumper($obj); print "\n"; #Call instance methods #Pass the obj as first argument so it will go as $self $result = $soapService->call(size=>($obj,45)); unless ($result->fault) { print "\n Size is ::",$result->result(); # Method result print "\n New-OBJ-State:",Dumper($obj); } #So far it is good. Call the size again to set another value #This call fails because 'New-OBJ-State' is scrambled :( #Got following error # ERROR: soap:Server, Can't use string ("DemoService") as a HASH ref w +hile "strict refs" in use at accessor DemoService::size (defined at s line 8) line 3. $result = $soapService->call(size=>($obj,20)); unless ($result->fault) { print "\n Size is ::",$result->result(); # Method result print "\n OBJ-State:",Dumper($obj); } else { print "\n ERROR: ", join ', ', $result->faultcode, $result->faultstring, $result->faultdetail; }

First we need to start SOAP server by running perl
Then start the client by running perl

I get following output & error from

E:\temp>perl OBJ-State:$VAR1 = bless( { '_signature' => [], '_value' => [ bless( { 'size' => '20' }, 'DemoService' ) ], '_attr' => {} }, 'SOAP::Data' ); Size is ::45 New-OBJ-State:$VAR1 = bless( { '_name' => undef, '_signature' => [ 'DemoService∟DemoService' ], '_value' => [ \bless( { '_signature' => [], '_value' => [ bless( { '_nam +e' => 'size', '_sig +nature' => [], '_val +ue' => [ + '45' + ], '_pre +fix' => '', '_att +r' => { + 'xsi:type' => 'xsd:int', + '{}type' => '{http:/ +/}int' + } }, 'SOA +P::Data' ) ], '_attr' => {} }, 'SOAP::Data' ) ], '_attr' => {} }, 'SOAP::Data' ); ERROR: soap:Server, Can't use string ("DemoService") as a HASH ref wh +ile "strict refs" in use at accessor DemoService::size (defined at so +a line 8) line 3. E:\temp>

I am using ActivePerl 5.14 (x86), SOAP::Lite 0.715

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks & Regards,
Bakkiaraj M
My Perl Gtk2 technology demo project - , contributions are welcome.

In reply to Who is scrambling my SOAP (Moose) object? by sam_bakki

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