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These nodes all have stuff by mpeg4codec (showing 51-58 out of ~58?):

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386705 Re: Broken Images....I don't understand 2004-08-29 07:17
386577 Re: Confessional 2004-08-28 08:09
385564 Re: Caesar Shift 2004-08-25 02:53
384969 Re: File Parsing 2004-08-22 20:51
382160 Re^3: float values and operators 2004-08-12 03:55
381314 Re: using a subroutine 2004-08-09 17:58
380174 Re: Help needed on HTTP redirects 2004-08-05 02:28
189951 Re: Re: How much of Perl can be removed? 2002-08-13 23:08
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