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Node ID Writeup Created
60028 Re: variable interpolation 2001-02-22 00:35
59580 Re: Belated Perl Valentines Day Love Poem 2001-02-20 09:33
59213 Re: Apparel design entries 2001-02-18 08:56
58555 Re: DBI Placeholders and REGEXP 2001-02-15 06:40
58455 Re: del files that is 7 days or older 2001-02-15 00:55
58437 Re: JAPH and Perl Monks 2001-02-15 00:19
57468 Re: Re: Change utility; code optimization 2001-02-10 00:13
57427 Re: Stepping in the Footprints of a Perl Programmer 2001-02-09 22:04
57304 (yakko) Re(3): Perl 5.6.0 on HPUX/11 won't compile 2001-02-09 04:35
56995 Re(2): Random numbers generator 2001-02-07 21:21
56262 (yakko: URL handler tweaks) Re: Perl/Tk Chatterbox Client 2001-02-04 04:16
56213 (yakko: ignoreeof is evil) Re: Practical joke 2001-02-03 11:11
56207 (yakko) Re: Zero Padding 2001-02-03 10:27
53380 (yakko: ctrl-u addition) Re: Perl/Tk Chatterbox Client 2001-01-22 01:34
53017 (yakko: 64bit test) Re: CGIpack 2001-01-19 20:56
52871 Re: Psuedohaiku: Meditation for the Morning 2001-01-19 03:12
52186 Re: Re: TIMTOWTDI -- so long as it's not my way 2001-01-16 11:39
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[Corion]: You'll only ever need that option if you have a long-running query whose results are not cached by your DB already, and in those cases I presume that the programmer will want to maintain the temporary tables themselves - I wouldn't know when to drop ...
[Corion]: ... the temporary tables, and also don't have a good idea on how to create unique table names for them
[hippo]: OIC. In that case leave it out but invite feature requests and see if any of the users suggest it. :-)
[Corion]: Talking about this makes me realize that it's likely only a half useful idea. But it still would be convenient to have as an option...
[Corion]: hippo: Hmmm - yeah, I could document it and wait for code implementing that option to show up ;-D

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