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jdtoronto's scratchpad

by jdtoronto (Prior)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 16:50 UTC ( #360269=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

$smtp->datasend("Date: $now\n"); $smtp->datasend("To: $self->{_to}\n"); $smtp->datasend("CC: $self->{_cc}\n") if ( $self->{_cc} ); $smtp->datasend( $self->{_bcc} ) if ( $self->{_bcc} ); $smtp->datasend("From: $from\n"); $smtp->datasend("X-contid: $self->{_cid}\n"); $smtp->datasend("Subject: $self->{_subject}\n\n"); $smtp->datasend("\n"); $smtp->datasend("@body"); $smtp->datasend("\n"); my $rv = $smtp->dataend(); $smtp->quit();
my $q = $self->query; my $file = $q->param('image'); my $FH = $q->upload('image'); $file =~ m/^.*(\\|\/)(.*)/; my $dir = "/home/f/img"; open( OP, ">$dir/$file" ) or die "$!"; chmod 0777, "$dir/$file"; binmode OP; my $buffer; my $bytesread; while ( $bytesread = read( $FH, $buffer, 1024 ) ) { print OP $buffer; } close LOCAL;
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[Lady_Aleena]: You could quote it. <c>perl -e 'print "1.0"'>/c> returns 1.0
[Lady_Aleena]: perl -e 'my $var = "1.0"; print $var;' if it is in a variable also returns 1.0, though perl -e 'my $var = 1.0; print $var;' returns 1.
[1nickt]: In my case I can simply pass sprintf '%.1f', 1.0 (to Types::Standard:: Int), but what if you didn;t know the precision of the number you were working with? Seems I must be missing something. Oh well, my test list is complete, mooving on ...

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