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jerrygarciuh's scratchpad

by jerrygarciuh (Curate)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 19:28 UTC ( #360395=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

my %locs = ( 'klsx' => 'USCA0638', 'wckg' => 'USIL0225', 'kifr' => 'USCA0987', 'wtkk' => 'USMA0046', 'kscf' => 'USCA0982', 'kftk' => 'USMO0787', 'kcmd' => 'USOR0275', 'wtar' => 'USVA0557', 'wztk' => 'USNC0280', 'wkjk' => 'USKY1096', 'wzan' => 'USME0328', 'whcu' => 'USNY0717', 'wtdy' => 'USWI0411', 'wqsc' => 'USSC0051', 'kbzz' => 'USNV0076', 'wrdw' => 'USGA0032', 'kscj' => 'USIA0793' );
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[marto]: obviously someone could be religious, but not creationist
[erix]: "Nothing in Intelligent Design makes sense except in the light of Creationism" <-- I made that one up myself (free after Dobzhansky )
[erix]: yes. Deplorable marto, deplorable.
[marto]: the situation seemed similar to this one, majority of the contributrions are nonsense, doesn't address any questions ...
[marto]: meh, I've been called worse :P
[marto]: deplorable is actually not bad for this point in the day :P
[erix]: we aim to satisfy

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