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Excalibor's scratchpad

by Excalibor (Pilgrim)
on Jun 05, 2004 at 12:38 UTC ( #361562=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

for Corion

use threads; use Log::log4perl qw(get_logger); use File::Tail; use My::Object; my $tail = File::Tail->new('file.log'); while( defined( my $line = $tail->read ) ) { next if $line =~ m/^#|^\s*$/; my $obj = My::Object->new($line); my $th = threads->create( foo, $obj ); my $rc = $th->join; $logger->warn("Problem") if $rc; next; } sub foo { (shift)->bar; } __END__ # taking the next; in the while doesn't work, either...
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[erix]: oh well, it's holy week, right? Thick-skin week. I just read that in the Philippines, some RCs practice self-crucifixion. Tough cookies I'd like to see
[LanX]: already?
[erix]: I don't know really. I thought so.
[LanX]: April 16th
[erix]: ah no, 16 april. some time to go yet :)
[LanX]: I hate resurrection ... my back aches
erix practices self-crucifixion but keeps getting get stuck at the one loose hand stage...
LanX has seen this in action ... pope should claim copyright infringement
[LanX]: dunno how to link image search

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