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sarani's scratchpad

by sarani (Sexton)
on May 22, 2006 at 12:16 UTC ( #550916=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

#! /root/bin/perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use subs;

sub square;
sub read;
sub dist;

my $r; my $r2;

my $xh; my $yh; my $zh;
my $f1; my $FILE1; my $hline; my @hlines;

my $x1; my $y1; my $z1;
my $f2; my $FILE2; my $pline; my @plines;

open (FILE1, "$f1") or die "Argh! File not opened! $!";
open (FILE2, "$f2") or die "Argh! Second file not opened! $!";
while (<FILE1>)
{ $hline=<FILE1>;
push (@hlines,$hline);

while (<FILE2>)
{ $pline=<FILE2>;
push (@plines,$pline);
close FILE2;
close FILE1;

print @hlines;
print @plines;

sub dist
foreach $hline (@hlines)
$xh= substr $hline,31,8;
$yh= substr $hline,40,8;
$zh= substr $hline,48,8;
foreach $pline (@plines)
print '"',$pline,'": len=',length($pline),"\n";
$x1= substr $pline,31,8;
$y1= substr $pline,40,8;
$z1= substr $pline,48,8;

print "$r2 and square root is $r\n";
{ print "match!"}
print $i;
return 1;

sub square
my $num; my $sq;
$sq = $num * $num;
return $sq;

sub read
print "Enter file name:";
return $a;
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