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furry_marmot's scratchpad

by furry_marmot (Pilgrim)
on Feb 24, 2011 at 20:34 UTC ( #890054=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; my @files = </path_to_nine_files_prefixed_by_rawfile/rawfile*>; my $filecount = $#files - 1; #relative to 0 open( MASTER, "/path_to_starting_file/rawfile" ); #Open filehandles and store to array my $fh = 'A'; my @fhandles; for (0..$filecount) { open $fh, $files[$_] or die $!; push @fhandles, $fh++; #'A', 'B', 'C', etc. } #process the first line of master and then get the first line of the o +ther #files, since files are all same length... while (<MASTER>) { $_ =~ s/^\s+//; $_ =~ s/\s+$//; print "$_,"; #Read each file, print newline after last. foreach my $fh (@fhandles) { my $required_line = <$fh>; chomp $required_line; $required_line =~ s/^\s+//; $required_line =~ s/\s+$//; print "$required_line,"; } print "\n"; } #end while
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[erix]: still doesn't work?
[afoken]: sorry, forget File::BOM. I did not see DBD.
[ELISHEVA]: perldoc - of course
[erix]: hm, where's tux when you need him?
[ELISHEVA]: what's curiouser is that the underlying Text::CSV_XS appears to be BOM-friendly
[afoken]: DBD::CSV has a csv_class attribute. You could subclass Text::CSV_XS to handle BOMs, e.g. through File::BOM.
[ELISHEVA]: Text::CSV_XS already can handle boms - see its detect_bom flag
[ELISHEVA]: but it seems that the DBD::CSV layer on top of it doesn't
[afoken]: Also: All other attributes that start with csv_ and are not described above will be passed to Text::CSV_XS (without the csv_ prefix).
[Discipulus]: what about a good 'ol SOPW?

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