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    [14166] error @0.102147> [hit #336]request to GET / crashed: YAML Erro
    +r: Invalid element in map
       Line: 315
       Document: 1
     at /opt/perl5.14/lib/site_perl/5.14.2/YAML/ line 352. in /op
    +t/perl5.14/lib/site_perl/5.14.2/Dancer/ l. 98
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            - "You can select more than one answer.\n"
    e answer.\n"
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    sub flush {
        my $self         = shift;
        return $self;
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    use warnings;
        close   $child                    or die "close child: $!";
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    open my $fh, '+<', $file or die "Can't open '$file': $!\n";
    flock $fh, LOCK_EX or die "Can't lock file '$file': $!\n";
    truncate $fh, 0;
    print {$fh} $content;
    close $fh or die "Can't close '$file': $!\n";
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    sub atomic_write {
        my ($path, $file, $data) = @_;
        close $fh or die "Can't close '$file': $!\n";
        rename($filename, $file) or die "Can't move '$filename' to '$file'