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Missing Sidebar in SoPW
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by perldigious
on Oct 18, 2016 at 09:26

    Not sure if this is just me or everyone, but the normal right hand sidebar with all the links (XP Nodelet, Chatterbox, etc.) seems to be missing on the main SoPW page. Just FYI.

    UPDATE: Whoops, I was wrong. Not missing, but just pushed far to the right such that it requires lateral scrolling to even see. Not sure why that problem would only be on the main SoPW page though.

    Firefox Screenshot

    IE Screenshot

    I love it when things get difficult; after all, difficult pays the mortgage. - Dr. Keith Whites
    I hate it when things get difficult, so I'll just sell my house and rent cheap instead. - perldigious
node with no Vote button (but still vote radio buttons)
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by RonW
on Oct 11, 2016 at 14:19

    While reading -Mouse, I noticed it had no Vote button even though it had the radio buttons for voting.

    I was able to vote on other nodes, so doesn't appear to be a block against me voting.

    Also, I have voted an "ancient" nodes, before (though not recently).

The gods are everywhere
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by haukex
on Oct 08, 2016 at 11:54

    Hi All,

    As I first wrote in Re^4: Curious: are anon-hashes in random order? in reply to syphilis also noticing it, people have been mistaking the gods as the author of nodes seemingly more often in recent times, since my last post it's happened three more times. The reason is obvious, the top of the Comment on page says "by gods" - if this was changed recently, which I'm not sure of, that would explain why this mistake has happened more often recently. With all respect to the gods and their holy work here, perhaps there is a way to reduce newcomers' confusion by hiding/moving/something the "by gods" on that page?

    -- Hauke D

Data lost from private scratchpad
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by Athanasius
on Oct 07, 2016 at 22:38

    For most of my time at the Monastery (nearly 4½ years now) I’ve been slowly accumulating information in my private scratchpad. Today I discovered that the majority of that data is gone — apparently just truncated below a certain point. I assume that means I’ve exceeded some pre-set limit? If so, I have three further questions:

    1. Is there any way I can recover the data?
    2. Is the limit local to the private scratchpad, or global across my home node, public scratchpad, and messages?
    3. How can I monitor my data usage in the future to prevent this from re-occurring?


    Athanasius <°(((><contra mundum Iustus alius egestas vitae, eros Piratica,

Getting the node number of a space-filled node ID
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by stevieb
on Oct 02, 2016 at 19:29

    This probably doesn't come as a surprise to many, but I thought I'd throw it out there for those who, like me, haven't realized it before.

    We all know that we can link to a node by using its ID: [id://789891|stevieb's home node], but some node IDs have spaces: ChatterBox FAQ. These ones break horribly when trying to use them in [id://ChatterBox FAQ] context.

    After years and years of being here, I realized that at the top of, the node ID is readily available in the on Nov 07, 2000 at 16:08 EST ( #236794=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) line, right under the by: $person line. Grab the number to the right of the #, and drop it into the id:// tag: [id://236794], and you're good to go.

    I'll bet there are other ways to glean this information, and why I didn't notice it earlier is beyond me. Either way, I thought I'd throw this out there :)

BUG: code blocks don't retain literal formatting -- could they?
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by perl-diddler
on Sep 14, 2016 at 23:19
    Edit:Just noticed that below my input window it said that I don't need to use HTML entities in code blocks and could use the literal characters. That's obviously not the case.

    Could you change the code blocks to retain the user's original input? The worst offender is when one uses unicode. Example: If I include the greek pi (π) in regular text like this, it displays properly @ render time even though it was converted to an HTML entity (like &#960).

    However, if it is a code block, something still modifies my formatting/input and changes my code to use an entity too, but then, to compound the problem, because it is a code block, it doesn't get reprocessed back into a UTF-8 character, but remains as an HTML entity, like:

    This pi (&#960;) doesn't display correctly.

    I would argue that because it is a code block, it should have >not< turned it into an HTML entity in the first place. Then it would display properly at page-render time. While it would be acceptable if it at least was 'round-trip safe' and displayed it correctly @ render time, it seems that it would be more correct or more 'ideal' to not touch the user's input in the 1st place in a code block.

    Since it displays correctly in regular text, it should at least be possible to get it to display right in a code block, but no one would know that the author used the correct character to begin with.


eMail responses?
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by Todd Chester
on Sep 12, 2016 at 21:01

    Is there some setting to get this forum to eMail me when there is a response to a thread/question?

RFC: Better Best Answers
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by jdporter
on Sep 12, 2016 at 17:50

    It has long been understood, and I have long felt, that the Categorized Questions and Answers section is fundamentally suboptimal in how it works from the users' perspective; and I can tell you that it would be essentially impossible to improve by a sequence of minor tweaks. What we need is a fresh start. And whatever that looks like, it should reduce the complexity of the site, not add to it. I would suggest that the QA section should be eliminated entirely, and instead have some means to identify and indicate "good questions" and "best answers" among the nodes in the Seekers of Perl Wisdom section. Here are my thoughts; please share yours.

    QandAEditors would have a way to attach a "good" flag to nodes in SoPW.

    A root post (question) so flagged would be analogous to our current "approved questions", and a reply so flagged would be a "good/best answer".

    (By procedure, but without enforcement, QandAEditors would generally only mark first-level replies as "good".)

    Monks of sufficient venerability would be given special bonus votes to help raise the reputation of worthy replies.

    Monks of Level 11 (Chaplain) and above would receive, each day, bonus votes equal to their level minus 10.
    These bonus votes can only be spent according to the following restrictions:

    • Only on replies in SoPW, not on root posts and not in any other section;
    • Only to upvote, not to downvote; and
    • Only on nodes which the monk has already upvoted.
    In effect, a Level 11 monk would get a chance, once per day, to give +=2 to a SoPW reply of hir choice.

    Ancillary to all the above, there would of course be a way visually to indicate which replies to a question were deemed "best". There may even be a reply sorting option to put best answers at the top. An option could be added to Super Search to let the user get only "best answers", if desired.

    If this proposal is enacted, then we could theoretically create a batch process to convert all of the existing Categorized Questions to SoPW posts with the "good" flag set, and their answers to replies similarly. That would fairly trivial.

    Why Level 11? Because any time we come up with an idea for a new "level power", I like to try to assign it to a level which currently has none. Ideally, each level would offer some new prize as an enticement. And looking at Number of Monks by Level, I see the numbers jump at level 11. For this arrangement to be worthwhile, we'd need a goodly number of monks to participate.

    Credit goes to the author of Re^2: Threaded Monks Yodeling Modeling, for stimulating me to think more about this problem and try to come up with a potential solution.

    I reckon we are the only monastery ever to have a dungeon stuffed with 16,000 zombies.
Nostradamus Five Year Node Reputation Prophecy Expires Today!
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by eyepopslikeamosquito
on Sep 12, 2016 at 08:10

    The Original Prophecy of John "Nostradamus" Davies

    Old nodes still garner upvotes this year, but this year's nodes have no chance of being upvoted five or more years ago:-). I have no doubt, that in another five years, nodes like Drunk on golf: 99 Bottles of Beer will have well over 100 votes. But by then, the threshold for getting into "Selected Best" will be even higher.

    -- davies prophesizes Sep 12 2011, five years ago today

    In the spirit of Nostradamus, I've taken the liberty of distilling John's bold and magical prophecies into three quatrains:

    Ancient nodes garner praise bounteously in the year
    a visionary creator of jobs falls from his apple tree.
    Yet the nodes from that year shall have not the opportunity
    to be complimented five or more years previous.

    In front of a monastery are strewn ninety nine intoxicating vials,
    disgorged from an illustrious and ancient line of a monk.
    His fame, renown and power through sects and speech is such that
    they are deservedly praised more oft than the sum total of bottles.

    And yet, five years hence, the threshold for being
    glorified and exalted shall rise to a loftier plane still.
    In consequence, the ninety nine vessels shall remain bestrewn,
    forever unwept, unhonored, and unsung.

    Today, exactly five years after John's acclaimed prophecy, I'm bewildered to report that Drunk on golf: 99 Bottles of Beer stubbornly remains forty six votes shy of a century. That makes me feel sad, for I put a huge effort into that node and, fortified by John's courageous prophecy, expectantly waited for five long years to see it finally reach its full potential.

    Eerily, the selected best nodes threshold five years ago was around 100 votes ... and there haven't been any centurion nodes for nearly five years now. Since 2010, nearly six years ago, there have been only five centurion nodes:

    So only true believers would claim a significant increase in the threshold for getting into "Selected Best". I am a true believer. I feel sure I've misinterpreted the wording of John's original prophecy, and patiently await a contemporary reinterpretation -- and a new prophecy for the next five years.

    -- Your loyal servant, Chavigny

    Update: I'd like to express my gratitude to the valiant monks who strove to realize davies prophecy, up-voting Drunk on golf: 99 Bottles of Beer from 54 to 67 in just two days!

    Update: Since 2012, no centurions, but some high rep nodes I know of:

    See Selected Best Nodes: 2011-2015 for more.

Markup problem with Voting/Experience page
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by hippo
on Sep 07, 2016 at 09:19

    There seems to be a problem with the markup in Voting/Experience System - at least in my versions of Firefox (48.0.1) and Vivaldi (1.3.551.38). At the bottom of the page below the "Return to the PerlMonks FAQ" link there is a second table of Monk levels and then what appears to be a JavaScript snippet is displayed. The main page content is not closed properly because the usual right sidebar is included in the main part at the very end.

Duplicate monk names
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by hippo
on Sep 05, 2016 at 08:49

    It seems that we have two new brethren today with the same name. There is hello_beginner with 2 write-ups so far and (spurious dup) hello_beginner with none.

    This ought not to be possible, so there is presumably a bug somewhere which allows it (at least a race condition). Please could TPTB ascertain that these two users are the same and then dispose of the account with no write-ups before confusion reigns?

    Thanks, Hippo.

Embedding Videos and Slides
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by LanX
on Sep 04, 2016 at 12:52
    I'd like to have an integration of conference talks (like from last YAPC::EU) here to get better discussions/feedback.

    One idea is to (automatically) integrate a link to PM per slide into the PDF, clicking would show a sub-thread in PM for this slide.

    Another is to embed Youtube videos in a thread start here like reddit does.

    Other ideas? :)

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the Perl Programming Language and ☆☆☆☆ :)
    Je suis Charlie!

Who stole Perl News?
1 direct reply — Read more / Contribute
by Athanasius
on Aug 27, 2016 at 03:27

    The Perl News section appears to have disappeared! Yes, that link takes you to a page for adding a news item, but all the actual items appear to be missing.

    For example, I have twice posted items to Perl News:

    1. [id://1097781] Project Euler Returns (2014-08-18)
    2. [id://1151268] Strawberry Perl 5.22.1 released (2015-12-29)

    — but now the Search button can’t find them by their node IDs, and Super Search can’t find them by their titles. :-(

    I mean, sure, I know that “no news is good news,” but still...

    Athanasius <°(((><contra mundum Iustus alius egestas vitae, eros Piratica,

How was perlmonks built?
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by QuillMeantTen
on Aug 25, 2016 at 10:02

    I am wondering, does perlmonks use an existing framework? How has its architecture been decided? What are the design principles that are still applied to this day and been there since its inception?

Did Perlmonks Ever Salt and Hash Their Password Database?
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by reisinge
on Aug 17, 2016 at 06:48

    Can you comment on the reddit thread? Are the passwords hashed or not? If not, why?

    Computers, networks, and algorithms are at the heart of all of our complex social and political issues. -- Bruce Schneier

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