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This used to be more interesting, but like me, it has become less so!

I'm currently located in the wilds of DeKalb, IL (located not too far from Chicago, IL), where I work for I work for DEVNET, Inc., a provider of Windows-based software products for local government. If any other monks are ever in the area, I'm always happy to get together.

I play hockey.... not sure what that has to do with Perl, really, but it is damned fun. Keeps me from getting pudgy, at any rate!

I'm an advocate of CGI::Application, CGI::Session, and HTML::Template, and am the author and maintainer of the following modules:

Favorite CGI Nodes:

Other Favorite Nodes:
Version: 3.1
GCS/IT/CM d- s:- a- C++++ UL+$>++++ P++$>+++++ 
L++$ E--- W+++$ K? N+ w O M-- V-- PS-- PE++ Y+ X++ 
R tv b+>++++ DI+++>++++ D++ G e h--->++ r++ y+------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------