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I am a heretic. My first programming language was Lingo.

Pictures of wives, kids, houses, cars and pets: n/a.

Favorite dish/drink: let's go to lunch and you will see.

Formal education in computer science: none, except some lectures in C at CNAM. Most of this i forgot. The rest i learned by RTFM.

When not hanging around at the monastery, i'm forced to work.

I'm doing 24/7, help desk, monitoring, reporting and occasionally some web stuff.

In a few years i will retire and i hope very much that i can forget all the mistakes i made as soon as possible.

Fellow christians

Sorry, no programmers.

Cool modules


Cool nodes


"Die schärfsten Kritiker der Elche waren früher selber welche." (F. W. Bernstein)

The adequate translation is left as an exercise to the reader. Hint: perhaps it has something to do with Moose or Moose.

Beyond Perl

Some of my favorite tunes

Other sources of wisdom

Learning English At The Monastry

Some of my favorites:

"There's a less-baudlerized version of this statement"

From Thomas Bowdler, who in 1818 published a censored version of Shakespeare, expurgating "those words and expressions... which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family."
See also

"Trouble is, most of the time, he's not providing the service of a quick reality check, but rather the disservice of a bum steer down a blind alley of long redundant, archaic knowledge."

"That is probably a forlorn hope, but I am apt to dream..."

See also

«I'm in Limbo until a module from CPAN is fixed.» by Lady_Aleena

Limbo and Dante Alighieri

«Queen Mum» by karlgoethebier

Cockney Rhyming Slang from London

MidLifeXis in the chatterbox: «Ok, that didn't work worth didly squat.»

Corion in the chatterbox: «Well, now the direction of the changes, and the (non existing) revert war make sense :)»

Corion in the chatterbox: «Well, not "revert war", but "revert singular incident of aggression", but even that shouldn't happen, and in retrospect, didn't even happen :)»

Corion in the chatterbox: « I'm not sure if you should learn English from me ;)»

karlgoethebier ebenda: «indeed ;-)»

Other sources for learning english

Charles Ramsey talking...

Some nodes

Some interesting nodes i was involved

Threads From Hell

See also

Grice's Maxims

Maxim of Quality

Be Truthful

Maxim of Quantity

Quantity of Information

Maxim of Relation


Maxim of Manner

Be Clear


What to do if your nodes get routinely downvoted

Make a test.

Replies made easy

"Perl takes the infinite mechanic near the blame winter. When will a parent double the procedure? Sundialsvc4 smells like Perl. Sundialsvc4 resumes Perl."

"Moo accepts! Will the addict marry map? Map speaks around Moo. Moo maximizes map behind a soil."

"The designer upgrades a rampant composer. The humorous virtue breaks each mumble past the sunrise vegetarian. When can map cough behind a tangent insight? Hellova hunts beside the aware journal. How will the cough parade with the documented football? The realm flowers opposite each acting spoof."

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