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[LanX]hmm I meant it as a joke but not surprisingly the book exists: Job Interviews For Dummies ...
[choroba]Ludic numbers
[LanX]grrr ... I had problems understanding the description, cause the strike thru 4 is hardly visible ... ;-)
[ambrus]treat the interviews as a bluff check where the applicant rolls with his charisma bonus against your wisdom
[LanX]is this a good rosetta code task? looks more like "Euler" (algorithm rules)
[choroba]LanX: As no hint is given how to solve, it's rather eulerian
[choroba]But twas fun :-)
[LanX]I like python fast ... one more reason to implement gather/take
[LanX]Python: Fast
[LanX]del lst[::lst[0]] what does :: mean?
[choroba]from, to , step probably
[choroba]here from and to are omitted
[LanX]yes it's step (just tested)
[LanX]I have to correct my judgement about liking, the lst isn't lazy ... this is hardly "fast"!
[choroba]My solution is kind of lazy (in steps), but too probably still verbose
[choroba]*but probably still too verbose
[RonW]149 XP until I'm Daffy