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[Discipulus]Discipulus mmh.. is not a search box?
[GotToBTru]There's some archaeological significance to soap and beer . but I can't remember what it is
[choroba]if you change 4 letters in soap, you get beer. Coincidence? I don
[choroba]don't think so.
[GotToBTru]something about the order in which the two processes (saponification and fermentation)
[GotToBTru]were discovered
[GotToBTru]too many years since organic chemistry
[erix]erix gets 'pivo' - doesn't complain
[GotToBTru]Google search suggests it was an early version of the joke about how men only clean once they're drunk. i had in mind something a little more intellectual.
[GotToBTru]choroba++ If you wrote it the way you should, it should have worked.
[GotToBTru]Well, yeah!
[choroba]Years of experience...
[choroba](writing it wrong)