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[Your Mother]Google translate is either getting sophisticated or German and English are closer than I assumed.
[Laurent_R]Google Translate has improved quite a bit over time.
[Laurent_R]They're getting almot good.
[erix]or the languages are growing towards each other :)
[erix]( dutch certainly changes under the continuous onslaught of english, in sentence structure as well as vocabulary )
[erix]I do some work as a corrector (if that's the right word) and often I have to remove phrases that people think is dutch but that is really literally taken from english (and does not exist in dutch. Although at some point it becomes acceptable, of course)
[erix]"Do not be dafter than you are" doesn't seem a very good translation
[LanX]LanX understands corrector but thinks it's editor
[LanX]don't feign ignorance

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[erix]"don't pretend to be ... "
[LanX]or literally "do not pretend to be dumber than you are"
[erix]we look right through you ! ;)
[erix]italy berserks
[erix]pretty absurd to blame them for "criminal association in illegal immigration"
[erix]terrible business
[LanX]Jeez .... UTF8 in my company is driving me crazy
[LanX]seems like my boss has activated an extra UTF8 encoding such that my JSON stuff arives twice encoded in the browser ... oO
[LanX]he loves to do this with regexes ...
[LanX]LanX considers looking for a new project ...