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Last update: May 04, 2015 at 06:10 UTC
[Lady_Aleena]Hello. My brain is not working tonight. I have a while which generates 3 values (2 arrays and 1 number). I am thinking about spinning the while out of one sub and putting into its own. How would you have a sub return the 3 values?
[Lady_Aleena]I'm thinking hashref with the 3 values, but I am horribly unsure at the moment.
[nevdka]List context:return $number, \@array1, \@array2;
[Lady_Aleena]Now the really hard part, naming the sub.
[Lady_Aleena]The long form names for the varibles would be return $count_for_toc_cols, \@toc, \@page_sections; # toc eq 'table of contents' :)
[yitzchak]I'm much more fond of return { 'number' => $number, 'toc' => \@toc, 'page_sections' => \@page_sections }
[yitzchak]for the same reasons named parameters are a good idea
[Lady_Aleena]yitzchak, I was thinking about returning a hashref, but nevdka's idea has merit. my ($cols, $toc, $sections) = unnamed_sub($source);
[Lady_Aleena]Nothing is set in stone, both ways are good. Now to choose.
[Lady_Aleena]Lady_Aleena has gone to a thesaurus to look for a name.
[Lady_Aleena]How does dissect_source sound?
[Lady_Aleena]Thank you nevdka and yitzchak.