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[thezip]I'm looking for the Monkfish Monks dotcom website...
[Your Mother]Sorry, just Putin discussions here.
[thezip]Can I talk about poutine too? It sounds kinda like Putin.
[tye]also, looks good without a shirt
[runrig]how do tye know Putin looks good w/o a shirt?
[runrig]is there a website w/shirtless world leaders?
[thezip]There was photographic evidence on the web a few weeks back.
[tye]how have you avoided seeing multiple images of Putin w/o his shirt?!
[thezip]He has obviously been busy eating poutine.
[runrig]lucky I guess...until I just googled for it...oh well
[thezip]... or monkfish
[tye]just do a google image search for something as simple as "putin outside" to get tons of examples
[runrig]I just did a google image seach for Putin...there were a few in that result alone...I picked the one from CNN
[runrig]I will never doubt tye again...
[runrig]Wonder where I can get poutine in So. Cal.
[thezip]Anaheim Ducks game?
[Your Mother]I don't know how anyone could trust tye since hes been helping me use this account as a socket puppet. Wake up, sheeple! Intrepid won and you should be buying gold!
[runrig]I am buying gold...have been doing pretty well with it too...
[Your Mother]Wait, did I say that out loud. I meant to just think it. Damnit.
[Your Mother]:P
[runrig]google maps has some possiblilities...Orange, Long Beach, LA...
[runrig]Ross Beaty says buy gold...
[tye]tye runs the 69k