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[stevieb]is it just me, or is everyone seeing all of the new entries in Recent Threads all mashed together with no whitespace separating the questions?

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[choroba]Looks OK for me.
[stevieb]ok, thanks choroba. It's happening in both chrome and ff on linux mint. I'll try a reboot
[choroba]Haven't you changed a skin/scheme/template?
[stevieb]I haven't, no. It's still occurring in both browsers. I only use Chrome for Netflix, so it's odd it's happening in both browsers. I could chalk it up to a FF update or something, but not both. I'll keep toying
[tye]check your CSS in display settings
[tye](something that would be impact you and not us and would impact both of your browsers)
[tye](or do you have interesting javascript in your free nodelet?)
[stevieb]thanks tye, I'll do that. Odd that it worked fine at my office less than an hour ago.
[stevieb]...on my work PC I mean.
[choroba]Maybe you have a link to a css there that's not accessible from your current location?
[stevieb]I'll get it figured out, I'm just glad it isn't the site itself affecting everyone
[skaryzgik]So it looks like in Newest Nodes, "Notes" is for replies, and everything else is root nodes?
[stevieb]It is exactly how Recent Threads usually displays, but there is absolutely no whitespace between the last note in a thread, and the parent of the next one.
[stevieb]Sorry for using FB for this, but this is what I see: pic
[choroba]I'd try Ctrl+0 or switching to a different theme and back
[shadowsong]Q: The "submit" button (when editing one's profile) is labelled "stumbit". Typo? Or is it intentional?
[stevieb]Neither worked. I'm going to VPN in to work and see if things are still ok there. I don't notice any oddities in other sites. Very strange. I'm cursed ;)
[choroba] 'stumbit' - intentional or not?
[stevieb]meh, it was fine when I left work, but it's borked there now too. I must have done something at home, left it pending, and on a refresh it acted on something. Thanks for the help all. When I figure it out, I'll post back