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Ok, this is probably only my crazy point of view:

Since you already worked with Perl before, you know it's a quite complex, living language. If you choose Perl 5 or 6 depends on what you want now. If you want to be on the edge of modern Perl, choose 6. If you want to implement practical projects, i would choose 5 at the moment any time.

You don't really learn a language (spoken, written, programmed doesn't matter) because you just want to. Not in any practical sense, anyway. You may learn the vocables and grammar by reading books. But you only learn the fine art of practical application by... applying it in practice.

So, just relax, take it easy and have fun!

"I know what i'm doing! Look, what could possibly go wrong? All i have to pull this lever like so, and then press this button here like ArghhhhhaaAaAAAaaagraaaAAaa!!!"