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Many thanks for your warm welcome!

One of the problems I had with Strawberry, admittedly a couple of years back was with DBD:Mysql. I had to dig up some obscure patch from umannitoba to get it to work.

Not being a programmer - it certainly was a learning experience!

I run Linux and XP here. Though I have run Linux on and off since version 0.9, and my interest in Perl began when I needed an interface between my local database and website.

Thats when I found Strawberry problematic - because I had no clue as to what was supposed to be Linux specific! (And my solutions needed to be cross platform)

ActiveState is great for getting things up and running, especially Win32 projects. However, as many of its modules do come with *precompiled* binaries, portability is suspect from the start. However I would not use it on projects destined for Linux. I have my Debian system for that. As long as my database conversion scripts work, the origin of the binaries is not an issue...

There is also another problem with the ActiveState PPM system. The uwinnipeg PPM depository is apparently no longer there, and one of the major secondary repositories has been relocated, and apparently not in any hurry to get things back up. SO AS and one or two other small repos are the only sources, making choices rather limited for the ppm method, though in fairness, Active State CPAN and CPANP works perfectly fine for installing most modules in the 'correct' manner.

Of particular annoyance is that you are not encouraged to make your own repos, and efforts are made to stop you from doing it with ppms. They come in like buggers, creating a directory in TEMP, downloading and installing the directory tree, and then deleting the .tgz source files. And everything in the directory. When using the GUI PPM, you cn download dozens of PPMs at a time, but there is an atrociously nasty wait time for each module is it 'processes HTML'. You can shut that off though, but the instructions for hacking the right module have disappeared from google.

Ideally there should be a way to run BOTH. Perhaps AS as a Win system Perl, and Strawberry as the Perl in an XAMPP install, where it would be more comfortable with a Linux type environment - especially for server apps. Has anyone tried this? Is there a simple script to toggle between the two?

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