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How many times in this thread alone does this need to be restated?

Frankly, the same can be said of most languages, and that's not the fault of the language. I would rather have the shingles than be forced to memorize all the CamelCased, underscore_cased, and runoncased identifiers in PHP. The extent of my defending PHP is limited to my belief that every language learned will teach a programmer new ways of looking at problems. But it's not like we Perl enthusiasts have found ourselves a language free from the long tail of dabblers and script-kiddies who drag down the average and make those who spend some time learning it well look good.

The posts on just about any programming language or general programming forum; StackOverflow, PerlMonks, Usenet, etc., are largely a reflection of the 100 foot beast with a 95 foot tail.