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August 18, 2017: My contract will be up at the end of September. So, starting in October, I'll be looking for a new opportunity in the GTA doing Perl; I'm also open to remote working -- I did that quite successfully for my previous job. If you need a smart guy with a good attitude, let me know! :)

That's me on the Great Wall of China, North of Beijing. My chorus travelled to China in September 2012; a long flight, but most definitely worth it. In 2013, we were the champion chorus at the International Convention held right here in Toronto. Awesome!

I'm a Software Developer located in Toronto, Ontario, where I've been doing ETL work at Manulife under contract since October, 2015. Each project I work on starts by interpreting the original documentation in order to develop the transformation (in Perl). As I develop my output files, I'm checking my results against a standard file provided by the mainframe folks. (I do this with a tool I wrote in Perl that compares two CSV files -- pretty handy.) After I have good agreement on the output(s), the rest of the work is creating documentation of the transformation that I've developed, and then supporting that documentation for the downstream folks -- analysts, business people, and eventually the Informatica developers. It's been a fascinating process, but has taken me away from my web developer roots.

Over the summer of 2013, I worked on a few open source projects on github, namely MetaCPAN where I updated some docs and wrote some code, as well as Vagrant, where I submitted a first draft of a man page. (Vagrant is an awesome tool, by the way -- you should check it out.) I also updated some docs on Dancer2, which I am using to develop an API for a personal project of mine. I also cleaned up the Cookbook section of DBIx::Class, removing the code from the POD, instead pointing to the code examples (which I expanded a little). I also contributed a few fixes to the POD in Perl, which appeared in Perl 5.19.4.

At a recent job, I was under contract with Bluecat Systems, doing some virtualization work using libguestfs to prepare a thinly-provisioned disk image, then using the resulting system via AQEMU and VirtualBox. I also set up a git server and migrated the code base over from Perforce. And I maintained and supported the build process, running Jenkins.

My LinkedIn profile is here. I'm also on Twitter, and you can also find me on #perl occasionally.

I've been developing software professionally for over thirty years, starting with a variety of assemblers, then moving up the food chain to C, a sideways trip to Pascal, a brief visit with awk and finally, my current fav, Perl. I've worked in a variety of areas: word processing, data communications, robotics, desktop publishing, pharmacy management, the stock market, document conversion, and foreign exchange.

In the Toronto area and feel liking singing? Come on out to a chorus rehearsal and have a listen! Next show: December 9, 2017, at the Metropolitan United Church in downtown Toronto.

How I ended up here .. I read that interview of Damian Conway, and immediately signed up for an account here. Best decision ever.

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