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That's me on the Great Wall of China, North of Beijing. My chorus travelled to China in September 2012; a long flight, but most definitely worth it. In 2013, we were the champion chorus at the International Convention held right here in Toronto. Awesome! Plans for 2015 include our annual show at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in March, and a European tour to the UK, Germany and Sweden during the third week of April. Should be a blast!

I'm a Software Developer located in Toronto, Ontario, currently taking a break from Perl to learn everything there is to know about Wordpress plugins for some work I have planned.

Over the summer of 2013, I worked on a few open source projects on github, namely MetaCPAN where I updated some docs and wrote some code, as well as Vagrant, where I submitted a first draft of a man page. (Vagrant is an awesome tool, by the way -- you should check it out.) I also updated some docs on Dancer2, which I am using to develop an API for a personal project of mine. I also cleaned up the Cookbook section of DBIx::Class, removing the code from the POD, instead pointing to the code examples (which I expanded a little). I also contributed a few fixes to the POD in Perl, which appeared in Perl 5.19.4.

At my most recent job, I was under contract with Bluecat Systems, doing some virtualization work using libguestfs to prepare a thinly-provisioned disk image, then using the resulting system via AQEMU and VirtualBox. I also set up a git server and migrated the code base over from Perforce. I also maintained and supported the build process, running Jenkins.

My LinkedIn profile is here. I'm also on Twitter, and you can also find me on #perl occasionally.

I've been developing software professionally for over twenty five years, starting with a variety of assemblers, then moving up the food chain to C, a sideways trip to Pascal, a brief visit with awk and finally, my current fav, Perl. I've worked in a variety of areas: word processing, data communications, robotics, desktop publishing, pharmacy management, the stock market, document conversion, and foreign exchange.

In the Toronto area and feel liking singing? Come on out to a chorus rehearsal and have a listen! Next show: March 28, 2015, at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in uptown Toronto.