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I use Perl at home and at work. In the last ten years I have written more Perl than anything else. In terms of the Stages of a Perl Programmer I would claim I am a Perl Hacker (still).

I finally gave up supporting old Perl 4 s‎crip‎ts in 2005 (not bad for temporary s‎crip‎ts created in 1993). After nineteen years I am still hoping to one day understand the whole Perl 5 language (preferably before it all changes in Perl 6).

I have personally purchased 3 copies of the Camel book. My first one saw such excessive use from both myself and others that the spine snapped and the book fell into two parts (on the page defining the function 'split' of course).

Like many of the other brethren here I am a fan of PTerry (as can be seen by the name of my web site). I am also a juggler.