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See the world thru my eyes

The final word on Intrepid

10 years ago i wrote DBIx::XHTML_Table. Not the best name but it is a solid and fast piece of code. It was written before i learned about unit testing and it features a limitation in that i found i could not rotate the data to produce a landscape style orientation. One month ago i decided to finally rewrite the module and, although it is slower, the entire package is just better. I started by refactoring into 2 new modules, but in the end this process produced 4 new cpan modules:

  1. DBIx::HTML
  2. Spreadsheet::HTML
  3. HTML::AutoTag
  4. Tie::Hash::Attribute

I Miss Them Good Ole Days

Perlmonks was a much better place when vroom ran this site. People here were more focused on providing the best solutions possible, now they are more focused on how they are perceived among their peers. Despite this incredible degradation of quality, you can still get some of the best answers to Perl questions here. Just expect to receive a heavy dosage of how you are supposed to act in the 21st century along with that value. Dogma sucks. We don't need these people telling us how to live our lives as much as they need us to be inactive.

Let this site serve as an example of what happens when people take over a site.