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Image: family picture taken for newspaper on 2012-06-16

Yes, I'm that guy from <comp.lang.perl.misc>. So now you know. Happy?

According to Google Groups Stats, I'm the 7th most active poster of all time. That's still my old email address, BTW, I've switched provider several years ago. In fact, if you actually do an advanced search for my name, Google Groups says it found about 7300 posts by me — higher than their listed top poster! But as I'm not the only one changing email address now and then, the other people's count may be quite a bit higher, too. So I'll not jump to conclusions.


I've got a CPAN directory, and I started with uploading stuff. A small step at first, but it'll grow, eventually.
I became the 192'nd saint on Friday May 16 2003, between 12:30 and 15:00 GMT. Actually I did that 6 times in a row — that's why it took so long...

192 is a quite a nice number actually, for geeks anyway: 192 == 3*64 :) (That's 3/4 of 256 for the slow ones out there ;)

My current XP oriented goal is to stick around on the 42nd position, something that's been succeeding pretty well over the last several months, until ysth overtook me, that is... on my birthday, no less. And less than a week later, brian_d_foy speeded past me... looks like I'll not get back to position 42 for a long time, I had got 1000XP to catch up for the next in line. Pooh.

Update May 2nd: I'm still at position 43, but it looks like I might be able to get there this month. The window to stay in 42nd position is rather small, though, only 500XP, and ysth is coming to catch up with me. Again.

Update May 6th: I did it! I'm number 42 again!

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