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My current non-Perl work in progress is a six-year set of freely redistributable Vacation Bible School materials.

GCS(M)>AT d+(?) s? a- C+++ UL(-) P+++>++++ L++ E++ W+(-)@ N++@ o? K>? w(--) O> M-(X+) V(++) PS---- PE+ Y(--) PGP- t+@ !5 !X R- !tv---->? b+(+++) DI UF+ D--- G e++(*) h* !r !y-

P++ R++ M+ O++ MA+++ E PU BD C-(M+) D++ S++ X>++ WP+++ MO!
PP! n-() CO! PO-- o+++ G++ c! P6 OLC-- OLCC--- OLCO---
OLL++ OLA+ Ee++(+) Ev! Eon! uL++ UB+ w-() m! osBE+