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To paraphrase Dobzhansky:

Nothing in Intelligent Design makes sense except in the light of Creationism   (original quote)

(The above paraphrase/quote was to go with a previous picture showing that evolutiondisbelief in the United States is almost as widespread as it is in Turkey (which I found astonishing) -- see fig. 2 in: this article)

New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10 (expected sept 2017)

PostgreSQL 10.0 Beta4 released (31 august 2017)

PostgreSQL 9.6.5 released (31 august 2017)

The next major PostgreSQL release (september 2017) will be 10.0 (not 9.7).

Waiting for 10 ( new features committed in the 10devel branch.

(Of course you can also just read the commit log)

Legacy versions 9.5.9, 9.4.14, 9.3.19, and 9.2.23 (8.4.22, 9.0.23, 9.1.24 are no longer maintained) (download here) (august 31, 2017) A nice tool to experiment with different flavours of SQL.

PostgreSQL / featurematrix

PostgreSQL Development: git:// / gitweb view

Development takes place in regular commitfests (commitfest in progress / open).

dev docs (git master=10devel)

Hubert Lubaczewski's blog is; articles about new features as they get committed: "Waiting for 10".

oracle cloud foulup (2017)
PostgreSQL learns to walk and chew gum - First shot at parallelisation arrives
Michael Stonebraker, initiator of Ingres and Postgres, gets Turing Award
"Unbreakable" Oracle turns out highly breakable - glaring oracle backdoor
PostgreSQL's hipper, feistier self: interview with Bruce Momjian (June 2014)
Because MySQL is the PHP of databases (reddit, May 2014)
War on Oracle (May 2013)
The gift that keeps on giving to Oracle ... is dying (Dec 2012)
Why Oracle must kiss goodbye to its database past (Sept 2012)
PostgreSQL / French government (sept 2012)
PostgreSQL vs. Oracle (2007 SPEC)
Oracle squeezing MySQL (Oct 2012)
PostgreSQL vs. Sybase (Nov 2011, report of a Sybase->Pg migration
PostgreSQL vs. Brand "M" (must you ask?)    (more of the same)
Why PostgreSQL Instead of Brand "M" 2009 (again...)
Is MySQL really this bad? (2008)
Oracle is in decline (Dec 2011)
Oracle/RAC: (PDF) You_Probably_Dont_Need_RAC (2003) (PDF)

10 reasons why postgres >> sql-server

PostgreSQL has stored procedures in several languages. One of those languages is Perl.
See this article by Andrew Dunstan (2005)
or the fine manual.

I've been doing Perl on and off for more than 20 years. Working structured and using strict makes Perl lose some of that uncanny ability to understand intention, but it is still easily the best language there is.

Somebody had to say it. ;)

TWIMC: TEI encoding projects

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