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Since all saints (including this one) were broadcast around the world with their e-mail and logins due to failure to salt and hash passwords... this saint decided to cease activity on this insecure site.

Computer Stuff

Favourite languages:
Perl, C, Assembler

Other Useful Languages:
C++, Java, TCL, SQL, Javas‎crip‎t

Abhorrences to God and Nature:
Visual Basic, .NET, C#

My favourite PerlMonks links

What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
Perl Monks User Search
Sending a UTF-8 (Unicode) E-mail
Nodes to Consider
Re: Increment of ip address
Don't Use Regular Expressions To Parse IP Addresses!
Debugging LWP and family (haven't check it out yet but could be useful in the future)

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