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Features and facts about Perl that may help your discussion: Perhaps you could also benefit from a discussion with the manager in question and identify his/her concerns and needs. In the end he/she may just not like Perl, and there may be nothing that you can do to change that (in which case you can either learn ColdFusion or find another source of employment). If this manager has real concerns that can be addressed you may be able to explain how Perl can resolve these concerns.

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Re^2: In Defense of Perl
by Your Mother (Bishop) on Jan 12, 2010 at 17:38 UTC

    I don't know anything about the methodologies etc but I liked the quote so-

    "Of the LAMP stack, Perl had the best defect density well passed standard deviation and better than the average," Chelf said.

    Perl had a defect density of only 0.186. In comparison Python had a defect density of 0.372 and PHP was actually above both the baseline and LAMP averages at 0.474.

    Other popular projects included in the 32 projects that made up the baseline are: Firefox (0.355), Gaim (0.352), Gnome (0.458), GCC (0.202) and Samba (0.695), among others.

    Now I can say Python is twice as buggy as Perl. And I know it's true because I read it on the Interwebs.