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Bugzilla only creates 1 mysql database, and it's called 'bugs' - so your other database stuff should be okay (unless you already have a 'bugs' database...)

I'd recommend running your Bugzilla installation on a linux box - but if you have to use Windoze, it should still work.

I'm going to guess that your problem not that you don't have the modules - but that you don't have the proper VERSION of those modules. You probably have the newest version available to PPM, but bugzilla needs an even newer version - so try running cpan and see if you can get the latest version.

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Re^2: PPM has module but BugZilla says it's missing
by davies (Parson) on Sep 29, 2010 at 14:20 UTC
    My concern over MySQL is that I get the impression the comprehensive installer installs MySQL and I'm scared about the implications for the Losedows registry of another installation - I don't want my registry keys overwritten or the BugZilla installation to become the default installation. Tragically, I have to use Losedows. Like most things in my life, what I am planning to do is Excel related.

    The code claims it's looking for CGI v3.33 and TT 2.22. I have 3.49 and 2.22, so unless the installer is giving me some seriously misleading information, it's not a case of needing a newer version. According to CPAN, CGI 3.49 and TT 2.22 are the latest versions, anyway - unless I've misunderstood that, too.


    John Davies