Would you (or someone else) be willing to explain the Haskell code to me or P5ers who don't know Haskell?

With license:

=== haskell === --data type Tree is --either -- a Leaf containing a single item (of type a) -- or -- a Node containing two subtrees (that can have leaves of type a) data Tree a = Leaf a | Node (Tree a) (Tree a) -- and it inherits 'methods' / 'roles' from types Show and Eq, deriving (Show, Eq) -- Fringe is a function that extracts a list of type a from a tree con +taining type a fringe :: Tree a -> [a] -- If its argument is of type leaf -- it returns a single element list containing the element held in the + leaf fringe (Leaf x) = [x] -- If its argument is a Node -- it returns the list returned by the left subtree -- concatenated to the list returned by the right subtree fringe (Node n1 n2) = fringe n1 ++ fringe n2 -- sameFringe takes two Trees as its arguments -- and uses the == method inherited/included from the Eq role -- to compare the lists returned from the two trees for equality -- returning true if they are the same. sameFringe :: (Eq a) => Tree a -> Tree a -> Bool sameFringe t1 t2 = fringe t1 == fringe t2

Personally, I find the Perl6 far easier to read. I'd be very happy to use Perl6 if it had threading and ran at perl5 speed.

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