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by PsychoSpunk (Hermit)
on Apr 24, 2000 at 22:11 UTC ( #8749=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Quote of the Day: "I'm on fire and I gotta gotta..." - Basement Jaxx.
Note: QOTD does not necessarily come from PM and does not reflect the my views unless it happens that they are my views.

I found perl the way that many monks do, residing in /usr/bin waiting for someone to tap into its power. This was some 2 years ago. First, I used its capabilities with CGI, and have since moved on to use DBI, Net::*, Apache::*, and other various modular capabilities that make it a better choice for webcentric programming.

Of the many CPAN modules I have encountered, the DBI has been my favorite, although I can't say why. If I don't try to answer a DBI related question, it's probably because someone like Ovid, Fastolfe, or coreolyn has given a sufficient answer.

Other than that, I scan the boards for people to spar with, most notable are footpad and Lexicon :) Of course, in the end it's always important to remember,

It's all fun and games, that's all.

If you're curious about the current value of $NORM (as I often am), go here.

I've been waiting impatiently to see more monks from Austin (haha Super Search, let's see you /ignore this) and have begun to run across more local monks. Here's my running list of 'em: myself, terb, archon, averylongloginname, monk2b, Lexicon (recently back from Japan), joefission...

/msg me if you are from the area and possibly want others to know of your presence.

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