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by vladb (Vicar)
on Dec 18, 2001 at 00:05 UTC ( #132645=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

# short biography my %lifeline = ( 'born' => 1979, 'died' => undef, 'first_time' => { 'BASIC' => 1991, 'PASCAL' => 1992, 'C' => 1994, 'Java' => 1998, 'Perl' => 1999, 'post' => { date => "Dec 17, 2001 @ 10 p.m.", node => 132731 }, # list of XP 'ranks' and dates # I received them. # Too slow... 9 days since joining! # (actually, around 8 days ;) 'monk' => "Dec 26, 2001", # 1000 XP on 100th post! (yeah, i slacked # off for a while there) 'abbot' => "Mar 07, 2002", # 1600 xp on 131th post ;/ . 'bishop' => "May 2, 2002", # 2300 xp on 177th post 'pontiff' => "May 23, 2002", # 3000 XP on 214th post # (hey, that wasn't too long a wait was it?) 'saint' => "June 06, 2002", } );
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While more of my biography is to come later, let me indulge in some loosely related subjects.

Besides my obvious obsession with Perl, I am also a fan of RPG style games such as Ultima Online etc. Recently, however, I haven'd had enough time to play any specifically.. just hacked at a few RPG game s‎crip‎ts. Presently, I'm working full-time as Programmer Analyst at Telus Telecom, and running a web consulting firm part-time.

As monk tradition has it, I here include some of my favourite nodes (mostly written by others):

The Oracle Speaketh:

lest thy soul lust for a life abundant with sin and abomination by setting thy feet astray from the true path of pure 'strictness'.


  • The Big Ball of MUD -- a discussion of systems typical especially in the Web s‎crip‎ting business ;/.

Amusing/silly Chatterbox utterances

  • <crazyinsomniac> vladb: why do all geeks look alike? (they don't exactly look similar, but that expression, it's universal ;D)


  • My personal homepage
    - This one contains all my current Perl projects (*hint* *hint* some of you might even want to check them out! ;-)
  • Last 30 chatterbox utterances here.
  • - neat place to shop around for the cheapest hardware and such.

My CPAN Modules/S‎crip‎ts

What? Why? What kind?
cvs_init CVS Initialization utility utility s‎crip‎t
DBIx::DataLookup Database lookup table. Good for storing database data in program memory at run-time for quicker (look-up) access. module

CPAN Modules I'm involved with


note: node suggestions are welcome!

Monk's Home Nodes

if you wish to be added to the list, you've got to do the following:
  1. Be known to me.
  2. Be (one of) friendly, forthcoming, intelligent, etc.
  3. Maintain an interesting home node.
  4. Message me (especially if I've missed you from the list) ;-)

Monk 'Affiliate' Program

if you wish to be added to the list, you've got to do the following:
  1. Place a link to my node somewhere within your node.
  2. Message me ;-)

Amusement Corner

  • Just heard this on the perlmonks IRC:
    <user> Why can't I open Netscape? <Macphisto> What? <user> Why can't I open Netscape? <user> I click on the icon, and it won't open... <Macphisto> .oO( I never installed netscape on that machine ) <Macphisto> Did you install Netscape on that machine? <user> No. <Macphisto> ...
    Now don't tell me this didn't make you laugh! BaaaHAHAHA :)

Odd/Funny/Wacky/Gore Acronyms:

acronyms marked with * are of my own invention ;)
  • * YEAH - YEt Another Hack (use to denote a 'hack' portion of your code).
  • * BUG - Bust yoUr Guts
  • * GUMS - Groups and User Management Ssystem. (implemented one at my work using Perl/Coldfusion/Oracle).

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