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by sulfericacid (Deacon)
on Sep 29, 2001 at 07:32 UTC ( #115576=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Chatterbox stuff

atcroft: sulfuricacid: "There was a bug in the code. Do not pass GO, do not collect 3_141_592_653 points, go directly to jail."
atcroft: s/jail/a chroot jail/
sulfericacid doesn't suppose "time" is a reserved name in MySQL
Zaxo certainly it is, it's a column type
sulfericacid sighs and then kicks MySQL in the kneecap for holding our super-des‎crip‎tive short "time" hostage from us
atcroft sulfericacid: you might want to look that up....
atcroft watches sulfericacid jump around holding the foot he kicked with, for not wearing his steel-toed boots when he did it....

<DigitalKitty> No problem. /me hands sulfericacid the key to the executive bathroom. Go ahead and use it. You've earned it. *grin*
<Rozallin> rozallin looks at giant bug on monitor. It's too big to squash. Somehow she and her will have to live together....
<Rozallin> I can't. Anything that big and I start thinking about karma. (kill it)
<Enlil> ahh here it is: "Little Willie was a chemist./Little Willie is no more./For what he thought was H2O,/Was H2SO4." | lol
<jeffa> think about it - how can you even compare a brand new variable that has no value to something - you can't, you have to declare it first, assign some value, THEN compare | ++
<jdporter> he's a nice guy, but I find it very frustrating to try to help him. He's got to get over some initial conceptual hurdles. | :(
<MarkM> jdporter: if the cb is only for answering newbie questions, I think I have the wrong idea | --

My favorite perl geeks

Things I should remember:

  • cgi-bin/s‎crip‎ts for printing links/forms , /home/user when accessing files
  • Save STDERR to logfile
    open (STDERR, ">>/home/sulfericacid/public_html/test/error.log") or die "Cannot open error log, error opening an error lo +g: $!";
  • Install modules with nmake perl, then nmake, then nmake test, then nmake install.

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    [choroba]: Isn't Using PerlPod Creatively rather a meditation?
    [choroba]: I don't see a question
    [1nickt]: ugh, I stuck my head in the bass bin for 30 seconds on a dare at Ted Nugent at Hammersmith Odeon. Yes, I am 40% deaf now.
    [johngg]: My daughter is incredibly jealous of my wife who got to see The Clash at Brixton many years ago. They went to see The Vaccines there recently.
    [1nickt]: But the bands are even louder! I saw Spearhead (Michael Franti) at an outdoor show and had to walk a mile away to not feel pain in my chest! Babies were crying ... I asked the sound engineer why it was necessary to have the bass so loud and he laughed...
    [Discipulus]: but the best i attended live was Mano Negra Patchanka at Forte Prenestino .. in 1990
    [Corion]: Hmmm - Mano Negra or at least Manu Chao seem to put on a good live show. At least the one live CD I have from Manu Chao sounds good ;)
    Discipulus feels the same jealousity of the johngg's daughter
    [1nickt]: choroba I agree

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