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by Voronich (Hermit)
on Oct 17, 2001 at 21:19 UTC ( #119480=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Well I DID have links to social media sites up here, probably for about a month. Seemed like a good idea. But I've now abandoned all of them (but for, which is hardly "social media") so away they go.

erm... I ain't got squat here, though I probably should. jdporter suggested putting other social networking site links here, which sure makes sense (after all, I actually LIKE you people.)

Ooh! Stats!

Troof and teh funny from teh ceebee:
erix: client is king, Voronich ;-)
erix: they sound like a headache all right...
Voronich: client can kiss my ass
thezip copies that acronym... CCKMA

Tanktalus: Voronich stats: Member for: 3585.918 days, Experience: 729 (0.203 per day, or 1 per 4 22:03:17 d) (Pilgrim {8}), Writeups: 48 (0.013 per day, or 1 per 74 16:57:32 d), Which makes it 15.188 XP per writeup!

I really need to put something else up here.

luis.roca: Speaking of whole in the wall. We have a new taco/burrito place. They don't even have printed (nicely) menus. Handed my wife a photo copy. ++ #gutsToStartABusiness
luis.roca: lamb, tilapia and cow's tongue among the options for taco/burrito
Voronich: Yeesh!
Voronich muses on the notion of tongue taco in abject disgust.
luis.roca: Oh you aint lived till you've tasted something that can taste you back! ;-))
Voronich looks over his glasses at luis.roca. Listen son, you want a conversation like that, I'll have one.
luis.roca: :-))
Voronich: as a general principle I agree with you.

Re: Serena PVCS:

Voronich: Yeah, it's... horrid. I'd almost prefer clearcase over this. Though I confess it's really the client software that drives me to violence.
Corion: I should prepare a statement like "V was always a helpful member of the community. Never would we have suspected that he was using his workshop to do these things. Our sympathy is with the victims and their families." :-)
MidLifeXis: we had two of those in only a couple of weeks by me. wonder if I need to start looking for a new place to live (mars, perhaps)
SuicideJunkie: We're trying to get away from MKS here. Its pretty slow, and the search will fail (timeout) if you have more than one term in it. And you've gotta pay lots for the user level that lets you checkpoint things...
Corion: Maybe I should even prepare this as madlib statement generator... "The Colonel was always a helpful member of the community. Never would we have suspected that He was using The Pipe in The Library to do these things. Our sympathy is with the victims ..."
MidLifeXis: :-)
Voronich thinks that would be a really good idea. Corion++

koolgirl Hmm, choroba doesn't seem that Regexp::Common has emails covered, it's promised in the future though
choroba koolgirl: Oh, I see. Maybe tye should submit a patch then?
tye you can file a bug and point to that node. I have no desire to try to figure out the (likely) bizarre machinations that are used to provide Regexp::Common's interface in order to extend it. :)
tye (I attended a talk where Abigail said that such a magical, unconventional interface was a really bad idea and made the module way too hard to maintain.)
choroba I was rather joking than really suggesting :)
Tanktalus It's nice that it interpolates into other regexes so easily. But, having said that, even as a user I boggle at its interface. So if someone came up with a less unicorn-like interface with the same feature set otherwise, I'd be happy to switch :)
tobyink It's not especiallu hard to force an arbitrary expression to interpolate though: @{...} or ${\(...)}
Tanktalus tobyink: er... um ... yeah, that's a bit ugly. But if it made RE easier to maintain, and thus updates/added features more often, then I could accept that (though I'd likely use a separate variable for it :D )
jellisii2 jellisii2 saves "Unicorn-like interface" for future use

ww 2013-04-01 19:41:11 UTC
++ jdporter. Thats just too great!
jellisii2 2013-04-01 19:39:11 UTC
Doooo iiiiiiit...
jellisii2 2013-04-01 19:39:04 UTC
Business cards.
Voronich 2013-04-01 19:38:29 UTC
Voronich facepalms. jdporter++
tye 2013-04-01 19:38:17 UTC
(that was the point)
jellisii2 2013-04-01 19:37:49 UTC
Its acronym is wholly accurate tho.
tye 2013-04-01 19:36:31 UTC
jdporter, clearly
SuicideJunkie 2013-04-01 19:35:57 UTC
Who came up with that title?
Voronich 2013-04-01 19:35:44 UTC
Voronich is suspicious of the phrases "outreach initiative" and "focus group"
jellisii2 2013-04-01 19:35:14 UTC
jdporter 2013-04-01 19:33:02 UTC
and my boss has given me permission to launch an outreach initiative called the Operations and Maintenance Focus Group
jdporter 2013-04-01 19:32:13 UTC
so, at work, I'm a member of the Operations and Maintenance Group

What is best in life: (4/17/2013)
jdporter: so as I was leaving for working this morning, giving my wife a hug, my little monkey comes running over -- "Sandwich hug! Sandwich hug!"
jdporter: And then: "Ugh! Too tight! Next time, can I be one of the breads?!"

Voronich gah. "all my documents are gone! Help me obi-wan" says the redhead with the pigtails.
MidLifeXis .oO( this is not the girl you are looking for... )
Voronich No. but it's certainly the one I'm looking at. All curvey and "this is how I imagined pippy longstocking growing up"y.
MidLifeXis MidLifeXis stifles a spittake.
QM QM looks around for surrogate readhead...
jellisii2 o.0
jellisii2 to quote comedic genius: "B: Pinky, AYPWIP? P: I think so, Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking... I mean, what would the children look like?"
MidLifeXis Baah! <=== lost it
jellisii2 I hope I don't owe anyone a keyboard.
Voronich jellisii2++
Voronich Bah. yes you do.

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