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by jepri (Parson)
on Sep 08, 2000 at 09:10 UTC ( #31548=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My names Jeremy and I've just finished up a Physics/Population genetics degree down here in Australia. Incidentally, if someone wants to offer me a honours/masters course I'd be interested in talking to you. With a combination of biology and math I could do... Genomics. Ugh.

I've been a compulsive coder ever since my Dad got a job at the TAFE as a sysadmin and I got to play on a TRS-80. My first program was:

10 BEEP 20 GOTO 10

I spent the whole afternoon giggling and adding little bits and pieces to it. Since then most of my programs have something to do with science, and I'll probably post them after I clean them up a bit. In general, if there's a useless, pointless thing that you can do with a computer, I've probably tried it.

I've got a site full of the stuff I'm not too embarressed to show strangers, and a site that I hope is only visited by strangers. This means that merlyn, jarich, pjf, and robau can't look at it.

Reciprocal Links

idnopheq's PerlMonk page. Nifty!

High Weirdness

premchai21 It slices! It splices! It does lists and hashes! It chops and =cuts! It sorts and dumps too! And if you call in now, you get a free fork! Isn't that great! So buy your new food perlcessor today!

azatoth unlocks the code of life but neglects to tell tye as he was teasing him just now.
tye unzips his DNA
tye drops his genes and moons azatoth
azatoth stop it. stop it right now.

Some useful links:
Debugging guide
Full screen chat

A snippet of a poem seen on slashdot:

i asked buddha one day, hey dude, so what gives? if all is impermanent, then who cares how one lives? he scanned my source briefly, winked, and then smiled. "please terminate comments or your code won't compile."

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[1nickt]: This is less than perfect ... but demanding perfection (from people or from life) is a sure way to unhappiness.
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Discipulus learn that 'argue' has a little negative sense, he thought was a neutral sense, 'vox media'
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