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by muba (Priest)
on Mar 03, 2004 at 09:25 UTC ( #333489=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My nodes that made it to the front page

Date Category Title
Nov 2015 Meditations "Indirect" object syntax?
Oct 2015 SoPW [Moose] extends(...) throws "Subroutine redefined" warnings
Jan 2013 Meditations Hungarian notation, kind of
Sep 2010 SoPW A matter of style: how to perform a simple action based on a simple condition?
Feb 2007 SoPW UTF-8 text files with Byte Order Mark
Jun 2006 SoPW How is perl able to handle the null byte?
Sep 2004 Meditations A "but" operator.
Sep 2004 SoPW Extract subroutines from a Perl s‎crip‎t. OR: "Only perl can parse Perl." But can it help me to do so?
Aug 2004 and onward Meditations / Regex tutorials Regexp do's and don'ts
Jul 2004 Meditations HTML - separating design and logic
May 2004 SoPW Change the parent of an instance
Mar 2004 SoPW So, now what are taints?
Mar 2004 SoPW See if a certain package has a certain sub, without executing that sub


Ways to find out if $scalar is numeric

tye and me having a little fun in the chatterbox.

[muba]: my $is_string = ($scalar ^ $scalar) eq ("$scalar" ^ "$scalar");
[tye]: my $isNumber = $scalar ^ '00' eq $scalar;
[tye]: my $isNumber = do { my $warn= 0; local $SIG{__WARN__}= sub { $warn= 1 }; use warnings; $scalar^=''; $warn };
[tye]: my $isNumber = ( $scalar ^ "$scalar" ) =~ /\d/;

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LanX ... on
[r@j]: # list all of a user's processes my $process_java = $lConfig_Hash{$MFT _CMD."_java"}; my $Process = find_proc(user=>' raj', detail=>1) || die "Sorry, $Process_java is not running" ; if(proc_exists( name=>'$Process_ja va')){
[LanX]: see SOPW
[r@j]: guys i am begginer on perl and above code is not working on window environment.kindly suggest which support on both window and Unix environment
[holli]: And I kindly suggest you post a question, instead of spamming the chetterbox

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