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523820 Upcoming Server Upgrades 2006-01-17 19:48
417004 Perl Monks turns 5 2004-12-23 06:13
404708 For whom would you vote, if you were an American? 2004-11-02 18:42
379014 2004 White Camel Winners 2004-08-01 04:01
367716 Damian Conway speaking in Ann Arbor June 23rd 2004-06-17 18:28
351805 How long have you been using Perl? 2004-05-09 05:15
347448 Re: Can't install DBD::mysql on redhat 9 2004-04-22 18:23
342629 Re: Site dns (Update) 2004-04-05 14:33
341794 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The ethics of humour 2004-04-01 20:49
341650 Re: Re: Re: The ethics of humour 2004-04-01 15:10
320300 Favorite Winter Activity 2004-01-10 05:25
318924 Re: Podmaster's Obscene Signature 2004-01-05 20:26
317976 Top goal for 2004 2003-12-31 19:22
287232 "I made Friar!" T-shirt design 2003-08-28 04:08
282547 Re: Re: Re: Scheduling without cron or modules 2003-08-10 03:05
277292 Re: Problem building DBD::Oracle 2003-07-23 18:35
260700 New '1st Monasterian's' T-shirt Available 2003-05-25 15:50
247042 Re: Re: Perl Monks fund update 2003-03-31 19:29
246984 Perl Monks fund update 2003-03-31 16:35
246137 Re: Re: Re: PM Development Fund (Still trying to decide) 2003-03-27 02:18
246130 Re: PM Development Fund (Still trying to decide) 2003-03-27 01:40
245924 Re: Re: PM Development Fund 2003-03-26 14:23
245846 PM Development Fund 2003-03-26 02:39
240171 Sending Inline Images in e-mail with Mail::Sender (or getting them to print in Outlook) 2003-03-03 22:02
238577 Re: Re: Re^2: formula for hell on earth... 2003-02-25 21:34
236843 I play the following instrument(s)... 2003-02-19 21:58
235583 Favorite Cheese 2003-02-15 17:23
235280 Today, February 14, is... 2003-02-14 15:24
228822 After the OS upgrade the site responsiveness 2003-01-21 20:13
228218 Planned downtime 2003-01-19 19:26
226614 If I had to rate my effort at work it'd be 2003-01-13 21:48
225861 Help writing custom Perl nagios plugins 2003-01-10 16:56
225131 Top goal for 2003 2003-01-08 01:08
224134 Re: Re: Get your fresh PerlMonks Gear 2003-01-03 21:45
223150 Re: Toronto Monks Meeting? 2002-12-30 19:27
222407 Get your fresh PerlMonks Gear 2002-12-26 20:20
219764 Re: Re: CafePress Store Update 2002-12-13 21:52
219486 UPDATED: CafePress Store Update 2002-12-13 02:57
219096 Re: Re: CafePress Store Update 2002-12-11 15:09
219076 Re: Re: CafePress Store Update 2002-12-11 13:23
218935 CafePress Store Update 2002-12-10 22:00
217915 Thing that would make going to work more agreeable 2002-12-05 21:39
214983 Join the PerlMonks Product Design Team 2002-11-22 01:59
210757 Rap Star I would most like as my Project Manager 2002-11-06 15:28
197533 Re: Re: 200,000 nodes 2002-09-13 12:28
195148 Meetup with other Perl folks in your area ( 2002-09-04 18:08
193898 Re: Using Perl to print on Avery laser labels 2002-08-29 20:22
189790 Re: Edit File in place 2002-08-13 13:56
185846 Re: Another sort option in 2002-07-28 20:43
182872 Number of beverage containers currently on my desk 2002-07-18 15:56
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[Corion]: In Amsterdam, the screen went down to the bottom of the stage (60cm above ground) and the seating was on the ground, meaning that the rows in the back couldn't see the bottom of slides.
[Corion]: There also were some columns that meant that maybe you couldn't see the left/right edge of a slide.
[ambrus]: Corion: Sure. I've had a course in a 50 seat lecture hall that has two fucking columns in the middle.
[Corion]: Talking about it, the top should be fairly visible in the situations I've experienced at least. The top is uncomfortable for people in the first three rows, but that's life ;)
[ambrus]: The pillars are there because this is in the 6th floor of building R of BME, which is an attic that was built in after the original building, which is also why the elevator doesn't go that high and the windows are tiny.
[Corion]: ambrus: Hehe ;) Yeah - such real life stuff is far more inconveniencing than wasting display area due to screen ratio problems :)
[ambrus]: Corion: yes, it's a bit tricky. you can try to adjust the slides live to cover only a part of the screen, but it's still hard.
[ambrus]: Corion: two very hard things about presentations I should try to work on if I have twenty times as much free time as in real life are:
[Corion]: That's why I like HTML - it makes it relatively easy to resize stuff. Resizing with Powerpoint is much harder, or at least, I remember it being that way
[ambrus]: (a) good sans serif fonts optimized for slides in a projector with coverage of the symbols needed for mathematical formulas in a sans serif font matching the text font well, and

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