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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by broquaint (Abbot)
on Jun 11, 2001 at 15:48 UTC ( #87452=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Neato nodes (in no particular order)

Title Author
Why Closures? mothra
Why I like functional programming tilly
Unusual Closure Behaviour tachyon
Paradigm Shift - Don't use strict Ovid
More Fun with Zero! CheeseLord
"Falsify" scalar strings Fastolfe
Most Often Mentioned Modules vroom
simple OO constructor galacticdruid
Life at the Monastery. Chapter 1 wombat
Life at the Monastery Chapter 2 wombat
Confessional chromatic
Any interesting philosophy of programming articles to recommend? tilly
How to write long programms? (sic) pokemonk
How to debug unknown dynamic code? gaspodethewonderdog
Future of FBP jpm
use strict won't require explicit name for all variables? Biker
When to use Prototypes? demerphq
The fine art of database programming gmax
(humor) Doctor Fun, would you please take the stand? ybiC
Parsing with Perl 6 jryan
Name Space George Sherston
How (Not) To Ask A Question jeffa
Perl and Prolog Zaxo
Strict, strings and subroutines hatter
Net::Ping, the mini series tye
Resorting to Sorting japhy
Adding autoloaded methods to symbol table with using strict refs strat
(tye)Re: Private Class Methods tye
Would you use 'goto' here? Ovid
Re: Where/When is OO useful? Abigail-II
Re: Re (tilly) 4: Paradigm Shift - when to use goto TheDamian
Re: The Future - Managing Modules Abigail
meaning of /o in regexes mce
Re: Compiling Regular Expressions hv
Re: Perl Functionality in Java djantzen
Re: Toggling between two values chip
Macros, LFSPs and LFMs stefp
Why does PerlMonks work? dws
Re: make perl release memory Elian
How Scheme and Perl Became Friends beppu
Reading from more than one socket at once ahunter
A short meditation about hash search performance pg
Re: Socket Programming etcshadow
Perl and Prolog and Continuations... oh my! adrianh
Pure Perl tail call optimization pdcawley

Some nodes of mine (in reverse chronological order)

Perl Idioms Explained - ${\$obj->method} and @{[sort @list]}
Perl Idioms Explained - keys %{{map{$_=>1}@list}}
Perl Idioms Explained - $|++
Closure on Closures
Lexical scoping like a fox
Does it look like a number?
Of Symbol Tables and Globs
Caffeine and its delivery to monks in need
Can you create *real* global variables?
Any last words?

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[Lady_Aleena]: File::Find doesn't have a simple sub wanted example, like get the name of the file.
[Discipulus]: there is also find2perl with your perl installation
[Discipulus]: and in the wanted sub you just calculate the duretion and add it the total, stop
[shmem]: sub wanted { push @files, $File::Find::name if $File::Find::name =~/\.mp3$/ }
[Lady_Aleena]: shmem, that is understandable! The two examples in File::Find don't make sense to me on a quick glance.

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