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Best Nodes of The Day

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Speeds vs functionality BrowserUk 27
2 Re: Speeds vs functionality AppleFritter 24
3 Re: keep only unique elements in an array displaying number of duplcates. GotToBTru 19
4 Speeds vs functionality Tux 19
5 Re: Creating a Hash Syntax Error 1s44c 17
6 RFC: Proc::Governor tye 15
7 Re: keep only unique elements in an array displaying number of duplcates. Anonymous Monk 15
8 Re: Question about a perl script GrandFather 13
9 Re^3: DBD:Pg getting output in an array poj 13
10 Re: Sorting using the highest last column criteria AppleFritter 13
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Best Nodes of The Week

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Creating a Hash Syntax Error AppleFritter 34
2 Re: CPAN Module Installation (aka blaming the wrong people, not reading the product documentation) marto 34
3 Re: $1 returning value from previous match tobyink 33
4 Re: CPAN Module Installation (aka Use Strawberry Perl) Athanasius 32
5 Re^2: foreach loop and creating files with "$_" GrandFather 32
6 Re: Split columns according header delimiter choroba 31
7 Re: Creating a Hash Syntax Error aitap 29
8 Re: Running perl scripts in parallel kennethk 29
9 Re: Search/format Across Multiple Lines GrandFather 29
10 Re: Firefox/Javascript/Perl CGI argument passing issue Corion 29
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Best Nodes of The Month

# Node Author Rep
1 The problem with "The Problem with Threads" BrowserUk 50
2 Re: Edit distance between two strings AppleFritter 43
3 Nobody Expects the Agile Imposition (Part VII): Metrics eyepopslikeamosquito 41
4 Re: Submitting a module to cpan Corion 40
5 Re: Why don't file handles have sigils? (*) tye 40
6 Re: Using die() in methods moritz 39
7 Re: Which 'Perl6'? (And where?) davido 38
8 Re: Timestamp doesn't work well kennethk 38
9 Re: Perl data notation davido 37
10 Re: Stupid question about strings... davido 37
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Best Nodes of The Year

# Node Author Rep
1 : get your perlmonks flair! gideondsouza 90
2 in praise of poor old Tk zentara 77
3 Re: I want you to convince me to learn Perl choroba 77
4 Re: Why so much hate? chromatic 72
5 I apologize for yesterday's downtime ambrus 71
6 strictv -- how unstrict is your code? toolic 71
7 The 10**21 Problem (Part I) eyepopslikeamosquito 68
8 Re: I want you to convince me to learn Perl LanX 68
9 Re^3: Perl compiler request - flogging the dead horse! davido 65
10 exports -- which module exports are used? tye 65
11 Re: Why so much hate? davido 65
12 Re: Is using $#array Frowned on? shmem 63
13 Re: Hunting a memory eater tobyink 61
14 Re: Getting a result from "foreach" block AppleFritter 60
15 Blog post on hardening Perl's hash function demerphq 59
16 Why so much hate? Carfax 59
17 Re: execute a string as a function Corion 58
18 Where are the Perl::Critic policies for the Camel? tchrist 57
19 Perl 5.20.0 tobyink 56
20 Re: Code cleanup; how best to deal with: defined(%hash) is deprecated at... davido 56
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