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Re: (Golf) Let's go bowling

by dragonchild (Archbishop)
on Aug 08, 2001 at 21:51 UTC ( #103133=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    +$t+=10+($_[$_+2]=~/X/?10:$_[$_+2]);splice@_,$_+1,1;last if!defined$_[
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    for(0..$#_){if($_[$_]=~/X/){$t+=10+($_[$_+1]=~/X/?10:$_[$_+1])+($_[$_+2]=~/X/?10:($_[$_+2]=~/\//?10-$_[$_+1]:$_[$_+2]));last if!defined$_[$_+3]}if($_[$_+1]=~/\//){$t+=10+($_[$_+2]=~/X/?10:$_[$_+2]);splice@_,$_+1,1;last if!defined$_[$_+2]}else{$t+=$_[$_]}}$t
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    @b=@_;sub X{pop=~X?10:pop}while(($_=shift@b)+1){$t+=10+X(($b[0])x2)+X(

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Node Type: note [id://103133]
[ambrus]: 1nickt: the tea didn't have sugar or honey or lemon or milk. or even caffeine in a significant quantity. it's really "colored water", warm water with some fruit smell to make it more pleasant than ordinary warm water.
[ambrus]: 1nickt: in theory, it shouldn't hurt the electronics, but also could temporarily cause problems until it dries, and the inside of the keyboard doesn't dry quickly, because it's closed.
[ambrus]: 1nickt: that's the theory. the theory is also that it should have dried by Sunday morning, but it didn't. so I dunno.
[ambrus]: I'll try today evening if it works now.

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