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Found 50 nodes roughly between 2015-03-27 and 2013-12-18 (searched 4.81% of DB).

where title contains "Mr"

2015-03-08 emrecio emrecio's scratchpad SPad
2015-03-08 emrecio emrecio User
2015-03-05 retpgmr retpgmr's scratchpad SPad
2015-03-05 retpgmr retpgmr User
2015-02-18 mrcharlesquainoo mrcharlesquainoo's scratchpad SPad
2015-02-18 mrcharlesquainoo mrcharlesquainoo User
2015-01-29 lpmrcpu lpmrcpu's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-29 lpmrcpu lpmrcpu User
2015-01-24 mrk mrk's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-24 mrk mrk User
2015-01-22 mr_market mr_market's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-22 mr_market mr_market User
2015-01-21 kamracik kamracik's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-21 kamracik kamracik User
2015-01-14 kamrul kamrul's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-14 kamrul kamrul User
2015-01-05 Anonymous Monk Re^3: help with lazy matching ( .+? versus [^/]+? rxrx -Mre=debug ) Re:SoPW
2015-01-02 Mr.Squirrel Mr.Squirrel's scratchpad SPad
2015-01-02 Mr.Squirrel Mr.Squirrel User
2014-12-02 MrSparks MrSparks's scratchpad SPad
2014-12-02 MrSparks MrSparks User
2014-11-13 Simrans Simrans's scratchpad SPad
2014-11-13 Simrans Simrans User
2014-11-02 MrStutterZ MrStutterZ's scratchpad SPad
2014-11-02 MrStutterZ MrStutterZ User
2014-10-10 mr.ramendoza mr.ramendoza's scratchpad SPad
2014-10-10 mr.ramendoza mr.ramendoza User
2014-09-22 mradul mradul's scratchpad SPad
2014-09-22 mradul mradul User
2014-06-29 drpremrajpushpakaran drpremrajpushpakaran's scratchpad SPad
2014-06-29 drpremrajpushpakaran drpremrajpushpakaran User
2014-06-26 mrhyde mrhyde's scratchpad SPad
2014-06-26 mrhyde mrhyde User
2014-06-20 mritty mritty's scratchpad SPad
2014-06-20 mritty mritty User
2014-06-05 ajmrika ajmrika's scratchpad SPad
2014-06-05 ajmrika ajmrika User
2014-04-24 usmrguru usmrguru's scratchpad SPad
2014-04-24 usmrguru usmrguru User
2014-04-16 MrScott MrScott's scratchpad SPad
2014-04-16 MrScott MrScott User
2014-03-27 casual_prgmr casual_prgmr's scratchpad SPad
2014-03-27 casual_prgmr casual_prgmr User
2014-03-11 sivaramraj sivaramraj's scratchpad SPad
2014-03-11 sivaramraj sivaramraj User
2014-02-06 mreyes1981 mreyes1981's scratchpad SPad
2014-02-06 mreyes1981 mreyes1981 User
2013-12-18 MrTEE MrTEE's scratchpad SPad
2013-12-18 MrTEE MrTEE User
2013-12-18 MrOptimistic MrOptimistic's scratchpad SPad

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