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The day's catch... 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time!

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Selected Best Nodes of All Time!!

# Node Author Rep
1 (Ovid - poor paco) Re: How do I recursively process files through directories Ovid 261
2 The True Catacombs of Perlmonks wombat 208
3 /msg tye I'm ignoring you tye 178
4 Choosing a data structure for AI applications Ovid 173
5 Design Patterns Still Aren't simonm 167
6 (crazyinsomniac: Common Sense?) Re: <!--bullet-here-->web site design, or lack thereof crazyinsomniac 167
7 Newest Super Search tye 159
8 Note to Self: Read More Perl webfiend 153
9 Chasing Shadows samtregar 152
10 Dreaming of a Better Profiler samtregar 149
11 New DB server resources (today's outage) tye 139
12 Re: My interpersonal communication protocol/style is the most like... hardburn 137
13 Faxes in your browser Willard B. Trophy 137
14 Brainstorming session: detecting plagiarism Ovid 135
15 Re: Flipin good, or a total flop? ysth 132
16 Re: References quick reference lachoy 132
17 •Re: Perl - Is it an OO Language merlyn 125
18 What kind of programmer are you? Petras 124
19 The World Trade Center Tragedy blakem 124
20 Re: How to RTFM Chmrr 122
21 Use modules or roll your own? kvale 118
22 What Worked In My 1st Year Of Perl: LOL luis.roca 116
23 More Fun with PM Center of Mass Masem 115
24 Yet another regex bug. japhy 114
25 Tk Rubberband Demo crazyinsomniac 112
26 "Correct" program style questions Ovid 111
27 Viewing locally-served pages from the outside, while *inside*! Phaysis 111
28 Re: Advanced Sorting - GRT - Guttman Rosler Transform dws 111
29 Re: Paul Graham on Great Hackers Ovid 110
30 (OT) Blast from the Past: The Pink Camel Ovid 110
31 use strict won't require explicit name for all variables? Biker 110
32 Helping Beginners Ovid 110
33 Perl6 Cookbook Ovid 109
34 Mastermind in 2 lines jsrn 109
35 "Perl Design Patterns" tjh 109
36 Re: The Case for Learning Perl talexb 109
37 Organising Large Test Suites eyepopslikeamosquito 108
38 Re: Should I write your code ? cjf 108
39 P5EE ... get involved! rob_au 108
40 Why I choose Perl merlyn 107
41 AI::Perlog -- Simple implementation Ovid 107
42 So you know Perl; but do you know programming? Marza 104
43 •Re: sub and anonymous sub merlyn 104
44 Acme::Translator OeufMayo 104
45 Let's face it, Perl *is* a scripting language Ovid 103
46 Pearls (not really) of Perl programming PetaMem 103
47 Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________ grantm 102
48 Re: Bizarre usage of <> Abigail-II 100
49 Mystery PerlMonks Theater stephen 100
50 Developing a microlanguage for non-perl programmers Masem 100
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[ozboomer]: Howdy, all.. Trying this once more... Not really a perl question :(... but I don't know how to even title my query (more...)
[ozboomer]: There's a text file with lots of sections in it, like an '.ini/.conf' file. Each section can be 'used' or 'unused' by its application (more...)
[ozboomer]: Some folk want to use the text file as 'storage', keeping ALL items in it (a database); others call it an 'active document' that should only contain 'in-use' sections. Is there a 'good practice' for this sort of thing?

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