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Your skill will accomplish
what the force of many cannot


by abulafia (Sexton)
on Feb 11, 2004 at 14:05 UTC ( #328261=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Not long after an overly self indulgent journey of self discovery, Abulafia found a great deal of enjoyment can be had by not leaving the house, consuming endless amounts of coffee, and vibrating code endlessly. The results of some of these efforts burst forth occasionally, leaving a bloody trail of QA people in the wake.

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[Veltro]: Like I said before, I ment the solution as a whole
[Veltro]: People thought it was not possible.
[marto]: and until recently it wasn't and arguable (for some samples) probably isn't
[Veltro]: How did we get here? Oh yeah, advertisement. So let's get back there. What I ment to say is that I think it is possible to create an algorithm that filters out advertisement
[Veltro]: And yes, maybe your decoder needs the cloud to do so.
[marto]: for sane sources you should be able to do that locally

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